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Got kinda gawked at today by my pastor, because she saw my CLT

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I joined a Charismatic Church here locally on Father's Day, because I felt like the Lord was returning that kind of atmosphere to me.  After that, I didn't show up again for nearly a month - mostly because I wasn't in the habit of going to Church, I've got my own ministry going on - I mean "really" going on - and I don't have a car right now and the nearest bus on Sundays means a couple mile walk at such an early time in the morning that my legs, back, etc., etc., are barking and whining about half of the times when I'm doing that walk. 

A couple of miles isn't so bad, ordinarily, but this is one of those "rough" couple of miles where the closest thing to a pedestrian area is over a bunch of rocks and a lot of weaving up and down hills and to the left and right to follow that obstacle course.  It's really great if it's just a leisurely walk or if you're trying to vary a workout routine.  Add a very heavy backpack and some ankle weights, etc., etc., and you've about killed yourself if you'll keep a military pace with it.  But for it to be the road when you're trying to get somewhere with a minimum amount of sweat lines on your shirt and a minimum amount of b.o., then it's very much both hazardous to that kind of goal and it's a pain too.

Anyway, when I finally started becoming a regular about a month ago, it was obvious that I was being "eyed" as "leadership potential" in this Church.  If any of them saw this, they'd be free to deny it pretty easily 'cause nothing was ever directly stated or implied.  But I've been around the block too many times and the sheet that they take from you when you join is like this big ol' long job application, almost, because they want to know who's got experience with what, when birthdays are, etc., etc., etc.  So, after I'd given them the resume that they wanted for joining there, which is both kinda cute and neat that they'd be that detailed with getting to know folks and trying to have a family atmosphere with that Church, then it became pretty obvious and there've been "hints" that after I've completed all of the new member classes that the sky is the limit there for me.

Very very caring and loving atmosphere.  I grew up in Pentecostal, Charismatic, and Word of Faith congregations and the only time that I ever felt THIS MUCH love at a Church was one time when I went with a friend to a Unitarian Church - oddly enough.  Then again, they don't believe in ET, so they're more able to celebrate the genuine value and contribution of each individual, right?  But this has genuinely been on that level.  And were there not an occaisional reference to Hell and to "eternal death," then you'd almost never know it was an ET church.

Today, I just went in for the service.  And this was maybe one of two times that I've taken my Concordant Literal Translation of the New Testament instead of my NASB.  They read a lot of Old Testament passages and I don't have a copy of the complete Concordant Bible.  Seems like it's still a multi-volumn set!  This time, my Pastor looked right at me and her eyes bugged out when I was reading along with her, but my nose was stuck in my Concordant.  And then half of the rest of the sermon was devoted to assuring everyone that Hell is real and it's eternal.  And Pastor Rose NEVER preaches like that.  She'll mention it, very rarely, but the presence of my Concordant Literal New Testament got a genuine rise outta her  :mshock:

Now I know why God has me there  :happygrin:

Tony N:

Big churches are built on ifs and maybes,
Their 'gospel' is badly bent;
Though Jesus destroyed both death and hades,
Their 'hell' is still paying the rent!
Coding was messed up on what Tony had tried to do with centering his post at a certain size and got curious on why and if this fixes it.  If it fixed it, then center tags have to sandwich size tags.


--- Quote from: Tony N on August 12, 2007, 10:09:09 PM ---Big churches are built on ifs and maybes,
Their 'gospel' is badly bent;
Though Jesus destroyed both death and hades,
Their 'hell' is still paying the rent!
--- End quote ---

Too true, maybe she saw a really sharp sword to rightly divide  :shock:

Tony that is a great quote! Did you write that or are you quoting someone?


What was funny to me was the occaisional glance that I'd get after that while she was preaching up the damnation of Hell, as if I were possibly a Universalist or leaning towards it because I simply hadn't heard about the realities of eternal hell.  Almost an insult to my intelligence as well as my integrity on that big ol' CV that they had me fill out for them about my past, including previous ministry experience and church membership.

The way that she carried on, you'd think that she feared that I already had about half of the nearly 300 members converted.  It was so defensive, Tony, that you'd of been rolling on the floor with laughter.  It was trip over your own feet kinda ET by someone that genuinely got spooked 'cause she thought she'd seen the Ghost that she's mentioned a time or two from her KJV  :laughing7:

They usually have two Sunday morning services.  I didn't stick around for the second one.  And someone gave me a ride home.  When I've gone to Church, I've never been back home by 10:45am before.  Would have been cool if the CW had had an 11am rerun of Smallville for me to come home to, that way I could have my Church and Smallville too  :icon_jokercolor:  But that goofy channel went right into the afternoon movies instead.  Ah-well.

(I'm going to pick on what looks like a new title at Martin Zender's website, in closing.)

It's genuinely funny how desensitized that a lot of Churches and Christians are to how much smoke and damnation that there is that fills the air that you're trying to breathe around them.  They'll genuinely start talking to a Universalist, sometimes, as if you're a Universalist because "Bless your heart, you just don't know any better, yet!"  After all of that nonsense, I don't understand how a Universalist can be a smoker  :icon_jokercolor:

Haven't Universalists, universally, heard enough about "THE SMOKE OF THEIR TORMENT ASCENDED UP FOREVER AND EVER AND EVER AND EVER AND EVER?"

Must be a last bit of defiance on the mainstream Church system by a statement of "the duration of your Hell isn't any longer than it'll take for me to finish this cigarette!  Watch this!! Got your stop watch handy???"


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