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Hi there Guys :bgdance:

     I have just been talking to a man called Tom Varney,  after reading His book a few years ago and then meeting Him I was blowen away by the change that God has made in His life, truely remarkable.  I was reading a thread on  B-M  last night and saw His post there, so I answered Him to try to find out how I could purchase some copies of this great book "FROM GUTTER TO GLORY " to give as a gift to some of my friends.  He sent Me this post so I thought I would share it with you all at Tentmaker, A TRUE STORY.---Love  Sam. samsue1230.    :hithere:

                            FROM GUTTER TO GLORY
Hi Samsue10,thanks for contacting me.Yes Gutter to Glory has been around for many years,it has had 11 printings.It is in 73 prisons in Australia.Also we have had the Rev.Gordon Moyes put my testimony into an Australian Short Story booklet,called A Miracle Of Grace.Sam this booklet can be sent all over the World in an Email,it is only 16 pages,it also has the Website address in the back,where Gutter To Glory Book can be read on line.Or people can write to Barb and I, and we will send out Miracle Of Grace just for the cost of Postage.As you know we love to see people encouraged in the Faith,for without Christ our Lord where would any of us be.Sam it is hard to believe when I ponder the pages of our testimony of the Grace of God,knowing that I was certified in sane for years,and known as one of the States worst Lunatics.Do you know they have closed J.Ward down, the Institution for the Criminally Insane.They have turned it into a Museum,the only good thing about J.Ward now is,they share my testimony of Gods Grace to all that go through the Doors,they even show my old prison cell,and share with the public,my story,not only my change of life when I turned to the Lord,but parts of the old life,they share the escape,the burning of the Police cars,the High speed car chase,they have my Police File Photo,and the before and after Photo.So it is good to know that even in all my past criminal activities,good came out of it all,and God is Glorified.Well SamSue, feel free to call us at any time,if you want the Gordon Moyes booklet you can email us,that is much quicker and easier.  email --  also if there are any other readers out there,feel free to email for a copy or copies of the Gordon Moyes Booklet, love to hear from you,cheers for now Tom & Barb.     

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Thanks Samsue and welcome to Tent

I emailed for the story, looking forward to reading it.