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God is a Great Artist!

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Tony N:
"Or has not the potter the right over the clay, out of the same kneading to make one vessel, indeed, for honor, yet one for dishonor?" (Rom 9:21).

Within that one kneaded lump of clay was Adam and Eve, and you and me, Hitler and Stalin, the Twelve and everyone else.

Such masterful works of art are they all! Some vessels of indignation made perfectly for that and some vessels of mercy.

Can we not look at God in awe at His masterful way of shaping each one?

The lump brought out of the kneading does not tell the Potter how to make the lump. He knows best. And in the end He will have mercy upon all (Romans 11:36).

No, we are not robots. We are vessels formed by God and carried by Him for the tasks He made us for.

Tony N.

I just finished watching to movie, Bridge to Terabithia.  There is a scene in the story in which the main characters Jess, Leslie, and little May Belle get into a discussion after church about whether or not people who don't believe the bible will go to hell.  Jess says he thinks it's true but not sure and his little sister May Belle of course is innocent and believes everthing she hears in church is exactly true....however...Leslie says....."I'm not worried about whether or not God is sending me to hell....I think he's too busy creating all of this!!!"  At this comment she opens her hands to point to the beautiful sky, trees, and country roads.  God is truly an artist, I agree.


Tony N:
Hi SeekerRuth,
Sounds like a good movie. Is Terebithia sort of like a world on a parallel plane with earth?

To think that God created you and all of us just the way we are, created our surroundings, our Country, etc. all in wisdom to attain the outcome of His desire is mind-boggling. Now He wants to take us out of this creation of earth and take us into a new creation. Mind-boggling.

For me, science is the study of how God probably went about creating the piece of artwork called the Universe. I think it's like the study of painting, drawing, use of perspective, and other artistic techniques.

Psychology is especially interesting because the complexity of the human mind is astounding, and it is even more astounding to know that a conscious being much greater than ourselves created that mind.  :HeartThrob:


Terabithia is a Novel written by Katherine Paterson that was made into a movie.  The story is about two fifth grade children who are both lonely for different reasons (Jess because his father is always working and Leslie because she is outcasted at school for being "different").  When they get home from school, they go play in woods and create an imaginary place where they can escape from their problems.  In the midst of just being kids, they learn valuable lessons about life, family, and true friendship.  It's a cute story...but it has nothing to do with an alternative universe (which surprised me when I read it).



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