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General Discussion Board
« on: October 18, 2008, 11:49:11 PM »
I'm new here and was hoping to find a section on this forum outside of religious question and debate, yet this specific section of the forum, where people can "discuss absolutely anything here," has just as many discussions about Universalism as the rest of the board. I'm sure many will disagree with me, but I personally believe that too much of anything - even discussions about God - can be bad for you. I would really love a section where I can get to know the people who come here on a more personal and casual level. What TV shows do you guys watch? What books are you reading? What's upsetting you lately? What's made you happy today? There's more to people than just their religious beliefs! I know there are tons of other places on the Internet to socialize and interact with others, but there aren't any where you know everyone is a Christian Universalist. I believe this board would benefit from a general section where people can lighten up, let loose and have fun with one another. That's just my 2 cents.


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Re: General Discussion Board
« Reply #1 on: October 20, 2008, 09:55:29 AM »
What TV shows do you guys watch?

Chuck, Life, Knight Rider, Smallville, Doctor Who, CSI: Miami, Sherlock Holmes, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Cowboys football games (though I don't want to talk about yesterday's by any remote stretch of anybody's imaginations!  If I'd been in the audience, I'd of stolen a uniform and the football and shown 'em all how it's done!!! Oh, I was ppissssst.)  And I'm furious beyond the capacity for rational thought that they canceled the Bionic Woman, Shark, and MoonLight.  And I watch a whole lot of Christian television, some of which is because I'm genuinely strengthened, encouraged, and built up by a small handful of ministers on television, while the rest of it is to stay up to date on what's being taught out there in premillenial, left behind circles.
What books are you reading?
I'm trying to do some re-reading of some books by some 18th century Christian Universalists, a book on Spiritual Leadership, and I'm trying to make myself read a couple of Novels that I own that were written by George MacDonald.  It's just hard for me to get into fiction that's in print.  If these books were sci-fi, I'd of probably already read 'em half a dozen times 'cause although I don't really read much fiction, sci-fi is easier -- much easier -- for me to get into.  I'm reading at a snail's pace, though 'cause it's not really a season that I'm into reading.  I'll gorge on reading sometimes and then I can't even make myself read anything for the longest time afterwards.
What's upsetting you lately?
Being single and having gone through so much that now I'm the most demanding blankety-blank in the world about having a cheerleader [that's somewhere between cheerleader and body builder] with the humility of Mother Teresa, the mind of Einstein, and a spirituality that surpasses that of St. Martin De Porres.  To me, it's got to be a whole package 'cause remarrying is very clearly in my mind a matter of relationship skills and dying to self while being supportive and supporting of another human being that I'll have to be able to put up with for the rest of my life and vice versa!  Nobody but all of the above would be able to put up with me.  Been there, done that on "settling" on less than my ideal and a series of very tragic and life ending circumstances wound up being a form of deliverance for me from a situation that was simultaneously great and an inferno in some ways.  I know from experience that simply being best friends isn't enough to keep a marriage sweet for both people involved if the two people are on entirely different levels.  And I realize that even getting all that I want could simply open the door to having more intelligent arguments for a change (which might actually be refreshing! LOL! people argue over stupid, stupid stuff!!!), but I've discovered from meeting literally thousands of people that every intellectual type, every personality type, and every heart type inhabits every body type and every spiritual type that you can think of, so why settle for less than a whole package that's genuinely more than I can handle?  I know that I've got to always work on being the best me that I can possibly be, but after 33 years my heavenly Father has finally gotten it through my thick self condemning skull that I absolutely deserve the absolute best that He's got for me.
What's made you happy today?
Writing the last paragraph 'cause that's the first time I've been able to express to anyone else what's been going on with me in that department for a year and a half.

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Re: General Discussion Board
« Reply #2 on: October 20, 2008, 07:34:09 PM »
Hey Martin, how about our Lambs, er, I mean Rams? :mshock:.
Looking unto Jesus, the Author and Finisher of our faith.  Heb. 12:2