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Damnationists Say The Darnest Things

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Yep. Calvary Chapels are very close to the same. Because they believe in expository preaching of the Word from Genesis to Revelation, the subject of "hell" only comes up as infrequently as it is mentioned in the Bible. Same with Giving, they don't even take up an offering, just a box with a slit at the back of the church and it's mentioned it's back there about once per month.

Lazarus Short:
That's an interesting and amusing term:  "damnationist" - it almost sounds like a denominational label.  I encountered "Apocalypticalist" just this morning in relation to 12/21/12.

I am therefore an apokastasisalist I guess :o)

An "Apocatastasisist". . .


--- Quote from: reFORMer on November 23, 2012, 07:27:31 AM ---An "Apocatastasisist". . .

--- End quote ---

or an Apokatallassoist

Lassoist meaning Jesus will eventually draw all men unto himself  :laughing7:


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