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Check out this video!


I feel it has great significance to UR
Once you start it you wont want to stop!

IMO, As long as sinful man is sinful man, the "utopia" of everyone loving one another and helping one another will continue to be a nice dream. Only one bible quote and absolutely no mention of the only real solution to the problem of man's sin nature, Jesus. Even tho' Charlie Chaplin was a hollywood "rebel" this is the type of hollywood stuff that appeals to the masses with the assumption we'll get better somehow and science (it literally said this) will solve our problems)

I think the sermon on the mount is still number 1 (especially relating to UR) :Peace2:

Lazarus Short:
It's a nice, inspiring, warm-fuzzy vid.  In the last few seconds, the speaker pleads, "...in the name of democracy..." but we are finding out that democracy is not nearly the ideal we thought it was, maybe it's just the other god that failed (besides communism).  Remember that the USA was meant to be a Republic, not a Democracy/Democrazy.

I'll take the Sermon on the Mount as the Greatest Speech Ever.

The United States is now a thinly veiled oligarchy and its institutions of representation no longer represent the people. The constitution along with its amendments and the bill of rights, being flawed in practice by the carnal nature of its interpreters and enforcers is like a jewel now flooded over by a tide of excrement in the form of laws and regulations bought and paid for that have undercut all of its grand intentions.

Amen, give me the sermon on the mount anyday :o)


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