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The Frog Syndrome.
« on: September 11, 2008, 05:33:19 PM »

A gospel  truth was again expressed in this fairy tale of romance. Romance, or desire for Love, is a teacher of truth and deception. God is strong, and whatever desires we have that are strong, don't you know God is going to use those to teach! But again, its mostly unconscious teaching, of which I strongly believe is a stable way of the Spirit teaching humans, or even programing them. And I have went over this in my post on consciousness. God does not always need you to be aware of what he is doing to you. He does not need the world to be aware of what he is doing with it. Indeed, the world is not aware of Universal Salvation, but God is subconsciously teaching the world some serious lessons about his plans. When the subconscious dealings of God, are revealed or meet the consciousness of mens reality, then you will see more obvious revelation, then you are more directly involved in the manifestations.

 And that is a key desire in Romance, to be directly involved in the manifestations. I am very attracted to fairy tales, because of their message. Often their world of illusion, is an exact reflection of what humans are really doing, because there is a thin line between reality and fantasy.

A princess, one of royalty, even she had a hard time finding true love. So she searched her imagination and hope, and looked to miracles to satisfy her desires. She needed supernatural powers to fulfill her lust. She looked to something that was not even like her, to become her love. She looked to a Frog. And this is what we do. Fueled by our desire, we look to things that are totally unlike ourselves, things far fetched, and we want to change those things, in order to fulfill our lust. This is what people are doing with the belief of being now born again.

Christ taught that the New Birth is different from being in the flesh. He said that which is flesh, is simply that, flesh. That which is Spirit, is totally different, it IS Spirit, not flesh. Two entirely different beings. But the strong desire of Romance, will look to kiss this Frog of difference, and change it into a human experience, which can now be complette. Change the new birth, into a human experience that we can now have in complettion. Change the Frog into a Prince, and be a King before its time of change, or, self manifestation. You put the makeup on yourself. Dress yourself. Claim it yourself. Change it yourself, and this is the Frog Syndrome.

 In Revelations 21:5;" Behold, " I", am making all things New." This is the timeing of the new birth, the Godly order, GOD makes the change, he creates and ressurects, he has the power to evolve things into pupi, or change. We cannot do this by our desire or belief. You can't change yourself from being a Frog, into a Prince, nor can you change others.

Yet we try. We try to change the people we desire to be with, we try to change the Spiritual things we see in the bible, we try to bring to pupi, the things that are dormant. We want to take the moth, and bring it to pupi, and create a butterfly. We try to be God.

Did you know that if you try to change, what God does not yet want changed, that is a declaration of war. You are really fighting against God, and, your going to loose. I garentee you, your going to loose. What God wants to be carnal, will remain carnal until he releases it into Pupi. The change, the increase, willnot manifest without him.

We can kiss all the Frogs we want to, make all the doctrinal beliefs that we desire, but there will be no Spirit, no Birth, no Kingdom, without God!

There will only be Romance with those things. And I want to go into that.