Author Topic: A Meditation on Life, Death, Light, Fire and Time  (Read 603 times)

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A Meditation on Life, Death, Light, Fire and Time
« on: December 03, 2009, 07:43:25 AM »
God dwells in unapproachable light
He says, "I Am THAT I AM"
Jesus, the Light of the world and the Life of all men says, "Before Abraham was "I AM"

When we pass from death unto Life (by believing) we are
Translated from the kingdom of darkness into the Kingdom of His Glorious Light, We become Branches in the Vine of I AM

We become members in the Body of I AM, Jesus being the head
we become stones in the temple of I AM, Jesus being the chief cornerstone

God was and is and is to come
The beast was and is not

He has no present. No substance in the I AM.

He fell like lightning from the place of being
From the place of substance.

"I saw Satan fall as lightning from the heavens"
Why did Jesus say this to the Pharisees?

Because they were also fallen.
They were also not dwelling "in the I AM".

They also, as Jude wrote, "left their principality(arche,magistrate, appointed domain) and left their proper abode..." 
The Pharisees and Saducees were not in reality, they were in deception, having NO BEING in the light.  No presence in the I AM, having been "driven out" because of the eating of death.Not able to sit in His counsel(psalm 82), speaking words they did not hear from the Father(Ezekiel 13). No longer in the "Today" of God.

Open graves in the night.
Dead even while they lived.

Physical death is only the culmination of spiritual death.
Enoch walked with God(as did a few others) and did not see death because God took him.
We shall not all sleep but we shall all be changed.

We are transformed as we abide in the moment and the twinkling of an eye.
In the light(face presence) of God
If we can abide in the moment, in the I AM
Having "Ceased from our own works"
Having "Entered His rest"
We live, we eat the fruit of the tree of life-but only by grace
If we do not dwell "In the moment" we die
The Spirit blows where it wills and you hear the sound of it but you don't know whence it comes or where it goes- SO IT IS with everyone who is born of the Spirit(Jn 3:8)

What is it you think you know?
Adam and Eve walked in fellowship with the voice of God until they "ate"
We "eat death" when knowledge puffs up
We "eat life" when love edifies
we are dying when we "have no being in the light"
death works in us when we walk in it.

AWAKE thou that sleepest and rise from the dead and the LIGHT of Christ will shine on you

When we love God and love one another the wisdom from above brings substance..... full of mercy and good fruit, seeds whose fruit is righteousness, sown in peace by them that make peace.

Everything when it is brought to the light becomes light-"Confess your faults one to another and pray for one another that you may be healed"
Darkness has no power in the light.
Walk in the light AS HE IS in the light and you will have KOINONEA (fellowship,union, harmony) with one another and the blood of Jesus will cleanse you from all sin.

Tabernacling in the I AM. There I AM in the midst of you.

Then we shine as a city set on a hill, as a lamp on the lampstand.
"By this will all men know you are my disciples- by your love for one another".

The love will outshine all and in the end the light and the fire will just be the gathering hands of love.

"Father forgive them they don't know what they do"

When Christ who is our life is revealed you will be reveled with Him in glory.

The second death may be the experience of having no presence in the I Am, being still filled with darkness as the light of God, burning as the all consuming fire of love, penetrates the consciousness relentlessly, until
exposure occurs, until knee bow and tongue confess that which the broken heart sees at last as all the darkness is brought to the light and therefore becomes light.

Death is not so much about terminus as it is about emptiness. That which is running out. Clouds without rain. Wandering stars that give no light.Tares having empty heads.Saved but as through fire. The branch that does not abide WHITHERS, gets pruned, gathered and burned.
Chaff is only good until the seed be buried(planted) or harvested(gathered). Then the chaff is separated and is burned.

Time is an opportunity.

 "A Waking Thought"

"Then Time will seem but a pebble cast
Into the ocean of Eternity,
Breaking for one short moment that pure light,
Which dwells upon its calm expanse of joy,
As into shiv'ring radiance, and shade-like circles,
Soon melting back into primeval brightness,
(Like that which was, when all created essence
Took but the forms of blended light and music,
In the glory of an infinite variety),
Through the translucent crystal of that sea,
It swiftly sinks to rest, within the depths
Of that great heart, like an aye-glistening
And treasured memory of things gone by,
Bearing, deep graven on its pale, clear front,
One word--Redemption!"

by Frances Ridley Havergal

The Logos is complete, but it is not completely understood.

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Re: A Meditation on Life, Death, Light, Fire and Time
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Re: A Meditation on Life, Death, Light, Fire and Time
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