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Why is death a feared thing?

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Why are men afraid of death?
Why do we who claim to love the Lord and all that He says is true, why do we fight the unexpected end called death?
Why is death a feared step in our walk?
Is death the end?
Does death mean its over when a soul quits breathing?


--- Quote from: micah7:9 on September 01, 2011, 10:10:36 AM ---Why are men afraid of death?
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Never been afraid of death. It's one of the least bad things that can happen in a life  :2c:

For me, the source of the fear is not from spirit but from soul.  It's afraid because it can not see.  If it can't see it, then it can't control it.  If it can't control it, then as a reflexive personal defensive measure, it releases fear because fear is the greatest motivator to iniate control.  If you don't want someone to go somehere or do something, you make them afraid so they'll respond to your wishes.  It's the way of carnality.

The three musketeers  :grin:

I work with the elderly, and I see all too often they ask for death to come and end their suffering frequently.  They are old, their bodies have failed, their minds have lost the ability to retain anything anymore, there's lots of confusion and fear going on within them, and they are asking to die.  I will agree that some of them do fear death, but it's more a fear of the unknown.  However I have seen that when the time comes for them to be called, they are more than willing to answer.

Younger people will fear death because they feel that they have so much more to experience in life, so they may feel that they're going to be loosing out.


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