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Unforgiveable Sin

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Query from Chris

Hi, please I really need your help. I think I have committed the unforgivable sin. I was on bed reading the word of God and came by the scripture which talks about blasphemy against the Holy Spirit. Instantly I thought a disgusting thought in my head. Curse words came into my head and I don't know how but I cursed the Holy Spirit. Sometime it comes back into my head and I hate it.

I don't know why this happened, but after reading on the internet I saw that it had happened to other people. I don't hate the Holy Spirit, I love God and I was even praying that the Holy Spirit would come into me and help me to serve God better. I was really hungry for God and growing spiritually each day. Now I am absolutely terrified that I am going to Hell, it is so frightening.
It has ruined me and I have stopped going to church. No matter how much I read about it on sites like these and people tell me that I haven't committed this sin I still think I am lost forever. It seems nothing can comfort me because I am just so unsure. How can I know, or anyone else know for sure? Doesn't it say that if you committ this sin that you while not be forgiven in this age, or the age to come and that all blasphemy shall be forgiven, but blasphemy against the holy spirit will not? I want forgiveness so badly, but it feels so far away from me, I feel like I am beyond forgiveness.
Please please help me, thanks, Chris.


I can tell you of a surety that you have not committed any unpardonable sin. No one can seek forgiveness or be drawn to want God except by the Holy Spirit. If you had done what you fear, you would not care a bit or want to be forgiven. The very fact that you want forgiveness and to be right with God proves that you still have the Holy Spirit working in you and with you. The truth is that God has already forgiven you when you asked the first time, but the enemy is lying to you trying to convince you otherwise. Please believe me as I have nothing to gain by not telling you the truth.


Hi Chris

Here are a few other thoughts on the matter.

The famous Unpardonable sin

I concur with Kratos


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Tony N:
Chris, to blaspheme the holy spirit is to attribute the miracles Christ wraught to the work of Satan rather than God.

Also, even if you did commit the blasphemy of the h.s. it does not bear eternal consequences. The one who did so in Christ's day does not receive a pardon **in this eon nor in that [eon] which is impending**. So you would not receive a pardon during this eon in which we live nor during the 1000 year millennial reign of Christ. But afterward is the new earth eon and after that God will be All in all.

So chil.



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