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Here at work there are several people in the plant that forward chain letters and such.  This is one I did actually get and I deleted it.  It's a play on guilt and intimidation.  It's based on the fact that hell is ET.  I get aggrivated at church-going people that get behind these sorts of things.  Establishing a relationship with God is not based on fear or guilt.  I'm not here to seek and save that which is lost . .that was Christ's job and no one could do it better . .but yet that's the expectation.  We're supposed to go out and save the world that's going to hell in a hand-basket.

Brace yourself . . .Jesus did not come to save you from going to hell.  He didn't come to die.  He came to bring you resurrection life . . .but to do so, he had to go through death first.  Our focus is always about the death . . .but that cross and tomb is empty.  Why focus on something that is empty?  God so desires to have "relationship" with us "through" Christ, through the blood, through the redemption.  How much greater is one's message when one chooses to focus on Who Christ IS as opposed to the works Jesus did.

It was someone's relligious imagination that schemed up that so called dream . . .to play of the emotions of the innocent.  To relay a message that says "no matter how busy you are for God . . .it will never be enough."  The message for this generation is not one of works . . .but one of rest.

I do think its all possibly in a persons mind. When something worries you so much it's amazing what you dream or feel. For example I have been praying very hard to understand what the right path is. Should I believe in ET or US? Anyhow the other morning as I awoke the first thing that came into my head was ET is real! Was a very  powerful thought, terribly nerve racking. I am now beginning to think the only reason I had that thought is because I obsess so much over what I should believe. When I first woke up and had that thought, I believed it was a higher power telling me it is real.
Does anyone else know what I am talking about? Has anyone here experieced something like that?

Would love your thoughts



--- Quote from: DeeDee on November 09, 2008, 08:01:52 AM ---Anyhow the other morning as I awoke the first thing that came into my head was ET is real!
--- End quote ---

IMO that means absolutely nothing.
If you have financial problems and fell asleep worrying about them the changes are big you wake up with those thoughts.
If you are a chainsmoker or alcoholic the chances are big you first thought is about a smoke or drink.
If someone you loved just died it's very likely your 1st thought when you wake up.
If you can't decide to buy that house or not you will remeber the thought when you wake up.

Below a quote from something I posted yesterday:

--- Quote ---Maybe not an hoax in all cases but a genuine illusion.
Several years ago I saw an experiment on Discovery Channel.
A group of none related tourists payed for some sort of guide tour. It was in the USA possibly at a place that had reported UFO sighting in the past.
It was some sort of walk in nature. You know the guide telling what type of tree and bird they just walked past.
Then they entered an area with red/white ribbons. Something like a police crimescene.
The guide told 'm he knew very little about it. Basically he just knew they should stay on the path marked with the ribbons. And that something crashed that night.
All there was to be seen was some wreckage that looked more like a collapsed shed instead of  spaceship. There was one or 2 guards standing with their backs to the path. They where unarmed. And didn't move.
At the tour continued and the watched some more birds. At the end of the day they where brought to the city by a bus. In the bus some the guide mentioned an UFO in a very vague way. Arrived in the city there the gone their own ways.
6 month later they all where interviewed. What was behind the ribbons.
The place was swarming with aggressive marines that pointed their M16s at the tourists.
There where spaceshuttle like engines. Basically it looked like a huge spaceship has crashed.
Others remembers smoking holes in the ground.
So all remembered something that never was happened. No indoctrination at all.
It was an experiment to test how reliable an eye witness on a crime scene is.

No think what happens with your mind if you often listen to an hellfire sermon....
--- End quote ---

I have been having another interesting thought concerning hell. Its just a thought and if some of you feel its got no basis in reality please tell me (in a nice way  :laughing7:).

Matthew 12:40 is a passage often used to try and affirm that the hell of ET is in the centre of the earth. Now whilst researching this I found something interesting. In this passage we assume Jesus is the one referred to as the son of man right, but Jesus was dead for 2 nights and was raised on the 3rd day, and the "person/persons" referred to here were in the heart of the earth for 3days and 3nights. Could hell / corrections only last 3 days? Now I think I have seen something like that on these boards before but I could'nt find it now. Please steer me to that thread (if it exists) or tell me what you think.


Is a bit about that. Some seem to feel punishment is short.
Martin once wrote something to a similar effect. Something between 1 week and 3 months?
He came to that conclusion from combining verses all over the place. But that's all I can remember...

Let just assume Jesus was 3 days in hell. And that from that you can conclude that punishment also lasts 3 days.
Then there is another problem.
In those 3 days He also had to created hell, make it burn, wake up the dead etc.
Simply because if hell was already functional then some dead sinners will already be inthere for say 5000 years.


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