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So What Happens to This Man?

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One day this man, who is convinced that he is truly a self-made man because he doesn't need that silly crutch known as god or faith sees a little old lady walking down the street.  He notices her not because she is little or old, but because she has a smile which seems to be twice as big as she is.  He watches as she meets a friend, who is also smiling, and when they met, both their smiles get bigger and their faces light up.

"Stupid old biddies" thinks the man to himself.  Their smiles simply prove they have no idea what reality is; they should be put in a home for sillies".  Yet he continues to watch them.

The next day he sees her and her friend again.  He follows them a little and watches them go into a little coffee shop where they talk and laugh.  "If they knew how hard it really was out here, they wouldn't even leave their homes let alone smile all the time ... stupid biddies."  Yet he continues to watch them.

This goes on for a long time, and the man finds that against all his best intentions, he starts to look forward to seeing the ladies.  He even makes sure he plans his lunch breaks so he can sit in the same coffee shop and just listen to their quiet, gentle, laughter. 

One day he sees the lady walk down the street and she walks into the coffee shop without her friend.  The strangest feeling comes over him.  He finds he somehow misses this other lady.  He never knew her name and had no relationship with her, yet she wasn't here, and somehow that just didn't seem right.  He hesitates for a bit but finally he walks over to the lady and asks if he could join her.  She graciously says yes.  "I'm sorry mam but I need to know, is your friend not coming today, is she not well?"  The lady's smile leaves momentarily, "I'm afraid she died last night."  Stunned into silence the man feels the sting of tears welling up.  "I am so sorry is all that comes out" for he knows if he says any more, he will start weeping.  He realizes he misses her.

"She was very fond of you," says the little old lady, to the self-made man.  She used to look forward to your joining us for lunch.  She was a little worried about how much salt you put on your french fries though, but, she said at least you didn't smother them with ketchup so it was a fair trade off."  The man couldn't say a word.  The little old lady got up and put her hand on the man's hand.  "God bless you son," was all she said, and she left.

He never saw her again, but he knew that his heart had melted.  He knew that even though he thought he was in charge, a little old lady, whose name he never knew, had been sent by God to show him that God's love for him wasn't depended on his love for God.  He wept more, prayed more, and put his hand in God's because he realized there is no such thing as a self-made man, and no such person as someone not loved by God.


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