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Is the judgment of Gehenna her and now?

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After doing some studies around Gehenna, I am still with some question marks.
From what I can understand, Gehenna is not for the world, but for the church. From the fact that Gehenna is situated outside of Jerusalem, we can understand that the garbage from Jerusalem ends in Gehenna.
And in this context I see Jerusalem, the Holy City as a metaphor of Gods holy people.

But my question is, if the Gehenna judgment is something that are going to take place post mortem, or is this something going on in our life here and now.

We know that most of the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus gave directly to his disciples. Is this a warning to his disciples about what could be the consequences if they should fall into the sin of fornication, or any other serious sin? Not in terms of being punished by God, by with the consequences this could have on their life, here and now.
We know that the Greek word translated "offend "is skandalÝzo. From this word we have the English word, scandal. To make a scandal is a strong expression, and involves not only your own life, but also the life of other people.

Let me paraphrase a by telling a story.
A pastor lives in a small city, is married and has a nice family. He is respected in his community, and lives a good life.
What nobody knows is that this pastor is bisexual, and before he got saved and meets his wife, he was involved in a homosexual relationship with another man.
After many years this man shows up in the pastor's church. The pastor recognized the man at once, and goes to great him. The man tells the pastor how much he has been missing him, and asks if they can meet in his hotel the same night.
To make a long story short, the pastor and this man start having a sexual relationship again. This relationship goes on for a while without anyone else, but the two, knowing anything about it.
But one day the scandal is a fact. The pastor is exposed and his picture and name is on the FrontPage of all the newspaper.
The pastor has to pay the price for his sin by losing all of his respect, his job and even his family turns their back on him. On top of all this the pastor has to carry a heavy burden of guilt because of all the sorrow and pain all this has inflicted on his wife, his children and all the people of his church.
What this pastor has to pass through can indeed be called a living hell.
And I am sure that the pastor many times cursed himself for being so stupid.
-Why did I say yes to that first invitation?
-Why did I give inn to the temptation? 
-Why didn't I "cut off" the contact with this man from the first moment?
If he had been cutting off that contact from the very beginning, this scandal would never happen.

I am not saying that this pastor never could come back, serving the Lord, and the Lord can restore everything he lost, and even give him more.
But if he had been more consistent and instead of giving into the temptation, he would cut it off from the very beginning, then the hell he had to go through could have been avoid.

This are just some thoughts I've had lately, without claiming that this is a divine revelation :o)

I definitely think you're on to something. Like Cardinal always says, He reproves us with our own wickedness. We all have to pass through the fire, though. (Everyone will be salted with fire.) And for those who are not purified in this life the fire will need to continue in the next will it not?  :smile:

Do you see Gehenna as LoF (Lake of Fire)?
Just asking because there are different views on that.

Not all judgement is negative and some worms are divine....

No, WhithWings, I do not see Gehenna as LoF
From what I  have understood so fare, the LoF is for the non belivers.

I do agree with you on that lomarah, as in 1Co 3:13 Every man's work shall be made manifest: for the day shall declare it, because it shall be revealed by fire; and the fire shall try every man's work of what sort it is.


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