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How important is prophecy?

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I have been thinking a lot about prophecy and how important it is in the world today. I have been pretty interested in it but find I and others may lean more on our own understanding and not actually what scriptures are saying, just speculation like I have done many times, thanks to Jack Van Impe and others.
So I ask you is prophecy that important?
  I remember back in 1999 how I stored food and water because computers was not programmed to go beyond that year according to some prophecy speculators.
Here it is 2009 and people are still guessing, I am beginning to think prophecy is guess work at best.
It appears lots of bad things in the world today, but there are good too as always.
I am asking also, has prophecy been fullfilled in 70 AD and will it happen again?
Nothing new under the son as spoken Ecclesiastes.
Many Thanks to everyone that replies. :HeartThrob:

Beloved Servant:

                                                   Look at the lilies of the field and how they grow.


Good Question. I think prophecy is important. I also feel the prophecy today in many ways is more to exhort people to get closer to God than anything. I use to listen to Jack Van Impe too a while ago, but not anymore.

Thanks SPOKENFOR, I too think it is important but I am not sure about if anyone will ever be able to discern the time.
 I believe we are supposed to be aware.
Thank you for your reply. :thumbsup:


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                                                   Look at the lilies of the field and how they grow.


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My speakers are not working  :dontknow:but fun trying to read those nuns lips.  :winkgrin:


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