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Bin Laden

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This showed up on my wife's Facebook page  (person 1 is her brother);

Person 1:  Oh man...this is wild. After Bin Laden was killed back in May, a poll was taken of Americans asking them where they thought he would turn up. 61% said they think he turned up in hell. So that begs the question....where else do the other 39% think he turned up?

Person 2:  I can't imagine he went anywhere else but hell.

Person 3:  Yeah, he's in hell.

Reactions?  (Including honest  ones?  lol)

Nobody can escape God.  He will correct all wrongs.  The darkness will give way so noontime bright.

When we don't understand things by categories God provides in his Word what else can we do?  We resort to what we've been told by other people who don't know either.  When the blind lead the blind they both fall into a pit.  The good news is it's because they have something to learn there.  Some of their new wisdom will come by the self-evident judgement displayed upon a false leader.  They'll also find out how to get out of that pit.

Notice how children don't know where everything in their room belongs?

When I was around 3 or 4 years old I asked my dad when he was shaving, "When I grow up will I get feathers too?"

One man's terrorist is the other mans freedom-fighter :winkgrin:

39% atheists. Part of the 61% likely made a political statement instead of a religious one.


Haha..is that the same thing?


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