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1Co 5:5?

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Beloved Servant:

A wasted thought?
It's a confirmation that you're HIS!

some of us have to learn the 'hard' way.      I was told a long time ago....'you can learn the easier way

  by listening to my counsel and heeding it..or the hard way..by disregarding it..but learn you will.

   sometimes rebellious sons and daughters aren't interested, and stop up their ears,from

  the wise counsel of a loving parent.  they are bent on doing things their way.[see prodigal]

  satan is the rebellious spirit...and when a child will not heed Father..he more or less takes

  the hand of this rebellious spirit and follows it[handed over to satan]...this  destroys stubborn

 fleshly ways..when the child comes into need and want[longed to be filled with swines food from hunger]

    the real hunger and thirst is for the spirit of love and care from the Father...acknowledging that

  God had our best interests at heart....and left to our own devices..we manage to get in a mess........

   'sow what you reap' effect.   It is at this time that the spirit of rebellion is let go of....and the child

   starts  longing for reconciliation with the Father...hoping in Him...

   loss expierenced as 'want' in the flesh....in order that 'the spirit/love/reconciliation/relationship'

 between Father and son  may be saved.

   the sons realizes the Father loves him...the Father knows the 'foolishness of youth' that took his son

 away...is no longer anissue.

   God has the power to bring back from death....some/most men return home as prodigals at the

  death of their flesh. He rejoices that He has them back from the dead


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