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TV Commercial from the 60's - watch video

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This is the original TV commercial for the popular Kellogg's Apple Jacks cereal, dating back to 1966.   I was 10 years old at the time, and to think I was VERY na├»ve to believe the claims made in that commercial.

Click on the link below to view the video and you'll see what I mean.


Will follow up with a comment later.


Eagerly awaiting the follow up, bro!   :hiya:

Well, since some of you are anxious for a follow-up, here we go.

I do believe in 1969 or so, the Kellogg's people were sued for false/misleading advertising over that jingle "a bowl a day keeps the bullies away", as well as the commercial dialogue. 

The advertisements, of which there were several different versions, featured a small kid harrassed by about 3 or so bullies.  At the suggestion of the appleheaded barker, the kid eats the Apple Jacks, and then overtakes his adversaries.

In short, the Kelloggs company mislead many small children, saying that the cereal had the capability to give them instant strength to overtake an otherwise formidable bully.  To further substantiate the claim, the Kelloggs people promised that the product wouldn't be sold to bullies.

Obviously, small children would eat the cereal, then go to take on the neighborhood bully, well.... you probably guessed what happened.  In about 1970, the Kelloggs people cleverly bowed out of that line with a live commercial of a "former" bully, who was eating the cereal.  However at the end of that ad, it suggested that the bully overtook the kid and took his box of Apple Jacks.

This was a clear example of some poor marketing strategy, hinting on the idea that a kid should stand up to a bully (not the kind of advice I would give a small child.  A more mature child, yes).


Ah...  Poor chuck.  Did you... did you try and fail?   :faint:

This thread reminds me of an episode of "Welcome Back Kotter". Gabe Kaplan used to end the show telling his wife a story that related to the episode. In this case, it was about bullies. Gabe said that he will never forget the lesson he learned as a kid about bullies. His father saw him being picked on and told his son that all bullies are just cowards and if you are brave enough to stand up to them and tell them so, they will leave you alone.

The next day when the school bully came to take his lunch money, young Gabe stood up and said " My father told me that you are just a coward and you better leave me alone or else".

To his surprise, the bully immediately turned and walked away.

Gabe's wife asked "You mean he was afraid and left you alone"?

"No" answered Gabe "He went straight to my house and beat the heck out of my Dad".



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