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Love never fails
« on: October 27, 2009, 08:19:53 AM »
Little children, Let not your heart be troubled
Little children, Be of good cheer
Holy ones, Stand, upon your rooftop
Redemption is drawing near
Though mountains fall
And earth be shaken
Foundations falter
And nations fear
You are hidden in the secret place
Safe within His mighty shadow
And covered underneath His wings
Redemption even now appears
From grace to grace
Transformed into His likeness
Face to face
Within the veil

Though stars shall fall and sun grow dim
And moon turn into blood
Keep only all your hope in Him
And testify, "The Lord is good"
Rejoicing in His peace and shining
In this darkness
All reminding
He suffered on a cross of wood
Redeeming man from death and sin
And bringing the kingdom of heaven in
So as the dawn begins to break
Fear not though all the cosmos shake
And chaos comes upon the land
Draw near all you who understand
To live is Christ
To die is gain
Love never fails
The Logos is complete, but it is not completely understood.