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The Glorious Hope (Kehrein, 1916)

There's a glorious hope thrilling believers today,
And our hearts beat high as in faith we watch and pray,
Looking unto Him who shall call His own away
To the glory over yonder.

In the glory over yonder,
We shall meet Him by and by,
We shall greet Him in the sky;
Praising Him in love and wonder,
In the glory over yonder.

As we wait for Him, daily watching and praying,
What a peace He gives, what a joy beyond compare;
Just a foretaste here of gladness we will share.
In the glory over yonder.


Is your heart at rest?  Have you given all to God?
Are you fully cleansed in the Savior's precious blood?
Are you walking now in the path that Jesus trod
To the glory over yonder?