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Darkness fails
« on: October 22, 2009, 08:37:45 AM »
The Darkness falls, the wicked triumph
We are shrouded in the long-cast shadow.
In the greasy city streets,
On the dirty, crumbled roads,
The shadow hangs low, a growing Darkness.

We stumble along, fighting ourselves
Families erode in the shade.
In the lonely backwoods,
Down an endless desert road,
The night falls, heavy, and we wait for the Sun.

The stars are dim, the moon is down
Weathered hands cannot guide our ship.
On a furious sea,
In the crevices of Capitol,
North stars are not to be found, nor a torch.

Carry on, carry this voyage onward
Make the despairing voyage, haste!
The Darkness is fleeting, suffocating yet false

A star falls, splintering the shadows
And off in the distance we can see the Sun.
On a meandering sea,
In a broken storm,
The Darkness fails, and we see Light.

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