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Song Inspired by words from Revelation
« on: May 01, 2009, 03:16:30 PM »
I sent this out in email this morning.  But thought some others might get some blessing from it:

This morning as I was communing with the Lord, the message came to my heart again as it often has about the meaning of the cross.
He has shown me that we so need to truly understand the meaning of the cross (which is very deep and takes a lifetime to comprehend).
One thing we really need to understand about the cross is that the whole world is crucified with Christ - no one escapes the cross.  Recall the
account of Christ in the gospels ... there were two hanging next to Jesus on the cross.
Both men were crucified with Christ.  One represents the lamb and the blood of the lamb.  The other represents the "man of sin".
If you want to keep your heart tender and full of mercy, remember that everyone in this world is on the cross with you.  There is no
other way, whether or not we know it or understand it - we must all go to the cross. All are included whether or not they understand it.  Everyone has
the death sentence.  Those who have the knowledge of Christ have HOPE in this life!   Yet everyone shall receive mercy, not because of anything he or she did,

There are many Christians I know who I cannot send this message to without it causing some level of anger to arise within them.   Christians actually get
angry about God's mercy.  (Read the story of Jonah if you don't believe me!) Sometimes I even feel angry about God's mercy.  I know that sounds weird.
But sometimes it does not seem fair to me that God will have mercy on all because so many bad things are done in this world. But deep down, I am glad God will not
hold sin against any of us after we go through the cross.   Am I angry because he is good?  I hope not.

I Will Sing of My Redeemer - Fernando Ortega (This is an Awesome Video Message)
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