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Why Tentmaker Exists


Gary received this in an email;

"Your teachings (not that they are "yours") have changed my life. After putting up with the doubletalk and confusion I experienced in a Baptist church (which I point out was a church full of intelligent and lovely people for whom I still have admiration and respect) I just found it harder and harder to keep the ideas together in my mind. My suspicion is that Christians encounter reality in Jesus Christ, which is something so real that even when their theology causes them confusion and angst, they choose to withstand the trauma and dilemma because they think that to do otherwise would be tantamount to forsaking their faith. They cope amidst theological crisis generated by hell by adopting beliefs such as: "God is chastening me", "God is mysterious, I am a mere man", "I must have more faith", "it does not need to make sense" etc., or worse, they see their intellectual suffering as being a form of spiritual maturity even though it is simply a consequence of the diabolical ideas they have of God.
If a person genuinely believes in the doctrine of eternal torment and is prepared to accept the double talk of many teachers such as "God is love, but He is also holy" i.e. "Look out, it is not all Good News!", then it takes the scope for emotional suffering to a level beyond what people can cope with. I can personally attest to the fact that if a person genuinely believes that they or a loved one is going to hell, they go insane, become cold and indifferent, become dissociative or develop some other coping mechanism. So much for the Truth setting one free…
I have the same tendencies to be legalistic and hypocritical and had it not been for Tentmaker, I would have gone down exactly the same path. That is, had I maintained a belief in eternal torment, I would have felt perfectly justified in being an absolute tyrant in my dealings with my loved ones ("There are more important and pressing things at stake – the world is going to hell!"). It would not (and did not) produce kindness or mercy in me; it did (and would have continued to) do the opposite!
I hope I have not wasted your time in writing to you at length, but I suspect you get tired of personal attacks and outright aggression towards your teachings (I once told my bible group about universalism, and it was met with resistance or silence from nearly all of them). Please keep in mind that I strongly suspect your website may have prevented my own suicide, and more likely prevented me from becoming completely insane from the terror and fear of hell."


Well Glory! Yes when The truth is presented not as logic but offered to be understood, that God is Love and that He loves All His children and that all His children will be straighten by His Love, that a disobedient son or daughter will not be estranged from the Father but corrected in Love,(though painful to the ego) then fear becomes understanding and understanding embraces wisdom and wisdom explains LOVE. God Is Love.

I went to a Baptist church today as I do once or twice a month. I have heard it said there "I deserved hell but God saved me". For me what I believe has to make sense and be logical. I have kept my mouth shut when i've heard this because it makes for a more peaceful time and also I probably am a chicken. But I don't think that anyone who says that really believes it, at least the ones I've heard. I'm thinking, "Why aren't you at least in jail? What did you do that was so bad." I know it is just part of this religeon we call christianity we grew up with and think we have to believe it to be saved. If we really trully believed this we would go nuts with fear but it is just a part of dead religeon and it mostlly goes in one ear and out the other for most people. The only thing we need to do to deserve hell is get born and that isn't our fault. Crazy stuff people say they believe.



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