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who is READY to hear?

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as I've slowly come to peace with all of my big questions, ive been trying to share what I believe.

in the realm of the "non-believers" their actually very open and find it refreshing to hear something that isnt "TURN OR BURN" and has made for some intresting discussion.

in the realm of those who are "believers" I get alot of angry bitter people...which I guess is understandable...its a BIG shout in the face to mainstream doctrines and things we are taught our whole lives. and ive concluded that such people that are so angry and so sure of themselves are probably not ready to hear. But I know that there are people out there that are ready to hear...and I want to help them because I remeber how confused ive been at times (still can be but not particularly on whether everyone is saved)and I guess Im just confused on how to find the people that DO need to hear?

Beloved Servant:
We needn't try to do God's work, it's His to do.
We are vessels.
The Spirit will bring to you those whom need His love.

 :cloud9: It's true....more often than not, it's the one's who have not been "indoctrinated" that are the most open to receive and He seems to go out of His way to anoint the conversations.

But I've noticed; the ones that are on the "outside" of the churches I've met were usually wounded and rejected by the ones "inside", so much so they woudn't even attempt to try go back in, if they ever went in, in the first place.

I seem to be used to deal with a lot of them that were raised up in church as children but were driven away by the constant condemnation they received as young adults making mistakes, either by relatives or by the church people themselves.

And even more sad, most on the outside, now think that GOD doesn't want them/won't receive them back again.  :sigh: There are so many bruised and battered sheep out there. Blessings....

True...I just wish there was a way i could more actively help

sure you can help, the thing is its like fishing. You gotta wait a while to get a bite. I know that the church has beat their doctrine into the minds of many, and so that when one speaks to them they want to believe and cannot accept the truth at the same time because it sounds true and feels right and makes since , but at some point in time a "well intentioned" pastor preacher or reverend has put into these people a doctrine of fear that inhibits. we put out the info open our arms and hearts and make our lives speak of the true gospel and of the eternal love of our creator because perfect love casts out fear.Be patient God has great plans for each and every one of us.!!


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