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Do you guys know who is helping Gary put these vids up?  The "Is Hell Really in the Bible" series is not timed right- out of sync (?) is that the right word?

I didn't know the stars and comments gave more visibility.  In what way?  Do they move to the top of a list on a search or what?

Hi Hopeful

I picked that up too, I thought it was my conn.  I will tell Gary.



--- Quote from: SeekerSA on December 07, 2007, 09:50:13 AM ---Guys, the YouTube works like MyChurch.  Comments and ratings give visibility.

If the medium is to be effective, it needs to be visible.  Go on register for a U-Tube account and post comments.  A few are using this as a medium of evangilism and they need our support.

Mouse-over the stars and rate it or drop a comment.  All it costs is a little time.


--- End quote ---

And unlike MyChurch, which I have heard is biased against the UR message, YouTube is not biased against the message of UR.  Great videos on Gary's channel BTW.

If you can't rent airtime, there's always the internet!  :wink2:


Awesome, I'm constantly on YouTube watching "religious" videos, and I'll be passing these links on to some people.  :thumbsup:

I have a question for Mr. Stroebel; Who cares what you believe? Give scripture for the statements you make. Other than that your arguments are a waste of time. Use the source of your authority: the scripture. Other than that, nobody cares, even if they agree with you.

Even though I agree with Gary, I would say the same to him. Quote the scripture. Nobody cares about anything else. In that arena, someone's upbringing is moot. Gary could have won hands down if he had simply quoted scripture. You can't argue with scripture.

The other goob was clearly  closed-minded and clueless. If Gary had quoted scripture everytime he was asked a question, Stroebel would have been reduced to drooling on himself trying to come up with something. Also, Mr. Stroebel, when cornered and against the ropes, will resort to angry ad-hominem and cursing. That would have been quite a spectacle on national TV.


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