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white knight:
Yes, I'm going to look into opening a YouTube account so i can reccomend this :)


--- Quote from: micah7:9 on November 15, 2010, 10:16:34 PM ---Amazing...the math I mean
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And it's just the beginning  :winkgrin:

Below a list of words that add up to 111.
Check the site for a better layout and a few extra's: http://www.biblewheel.com/GR/GR_111.asp

  The Number 111 Aleph
Wonderful [Is 25.1]
The Lord My God [Ps 38.15]
Children of the Living God [Hos 1.10]
Came forth [S# H3329]
Instruction of children [S# G3809]
Wait [Ps 37.34]
Cleave to [Ps 119.25]
Thousand [S# H0506]
He will command [Gen 18.19]
Priests of the LORD [Is 61.6]
All riches [Ps 119.14]
The Beginning of Wisdom (Ord) [Ps 111.10]
The law of truth (Ord) [Mal 2.6]
And the Glory of the LORD abode (Ord) [Ex 24.16]
Breath of Life (Ord) [Gen 2.7]
All the proud [Mal 4.1]

 :cloud9: AMEN.....wonderful and fascinating site. I have no doubt that the first to receive God's revelations about anything were what are commonly (and sometimes contemptiously) called "mystics". Spiritual experience results in spiritual deposit of wisdom and deeper truths. It is knowing as we are also known ie. by the Spirit.

Instead of encouraging those seeking a deeper walk with Him, Christiandom for the most part either discourages them and it, instills fear, and/or labels them "heretics", and ostracizes them. If pressing in to know Him and understand the mysteries of the Word, the Spirit, and the Kingdom is being a heretic, sign me up. My  :2c: Blessings....

I think you will enjoy this 412 page ebook
Also take a peek here.

 :cloud9: Thanks.....discovered that site 3 years ago, but have never had the time to study much on there at all. The intricasies of His Word never ceases to amaze me. Blessings....


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