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Street Preaching

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Anyone ever Preached UR in public?

If so, what are your experiences?

Is it even a good idea?

For me I would say no.  I think that form of evangelism is man-made myself.  On the surface, we embrace the "idea" of it as we think everyone should hear the Gospel.  But the pattern Jesus left us with is one that establishes relationship first.  Doctrine is received through the relationship of the individuals. 

Secondly, it could more than likely create a street-corner argument with church-goers who see it as heresy.  It would be nonproductive from both sides.

thirdly, I think we all should check our spiritual wares and affirm that we're carrying seeds for planting rather than weapons for warfare.  Planting truth calls for one personal seed planted in one plot of ground.  Scattering it on the surface would give opportunity for wild birds to fly in, gorge, and fly out again . . .for me, that's the kind of people who hop from church to church always looking for spiritual manifestations, but never getting grounded in spiritual truth.  Standing on a street corner trying to get stranger's attention whom you have no relationship with at all but yet intend to plant intimate life seeds in them just seems to be a set-up for failure all around.  Say they do accept your seed . . then what?  Where can they go for growth now?  There are no churches that would help them . . .if anything, they'll take them aside and kill the seed that you planted in them in the first place . . .that's why the necessity for a relationship first is so important.

Lastly, Keep in mind, of the 12 disciples, only 3 had the honor of seeing Jesus in his true form . . .at the mount of transfiguration, after they saw him intimately, he instructed them NOT to tell anyone . . .not even the other nine.  There was no street corner preaching going on there.  Everything was done on a level of intimacy.

I'd start with family and friends and go from there.  And even then, if the season for planting is not manifesting in them, don't force the seed, seasons change.

Nathan, the more you speak about planting the more my heart softens.  I unfortunately in a couple of instances have gone on the warpath since finding the truth.  I definitely see how it is not the right approach. 

I definitely agree about street preaching, when looking at the model of Jesus, but what about the model of Paul?  (I'm personally not comfortable with it, but was having this internal debate last week, when the same question was asked about street preaching)  I know he went into the synagogues first, but when I think about his ministry, he was on the street.  I know Paul is nothing and Appollos is nothing, but... Paul is the model of Us, as in Christ was revealed in Paul

Paul wasn't a street corner preacher . . .he went to where the culture of that day had already established public places where people could openly debate.  He had an evangelistic heart, but his plan was not to stand on a street corner, dump his theology and hit the next neighborhood tomorrow, he estabished churches, he fathered them, he nurtured them . . . he "made" connections with people.  He wasn't a doctrine guy who just had to unload on you . . .he was a people person who wanted to get to know you, through which you'd get a good dose of his vision and passion.

You're very wise, Nathan.  :thumbsup:


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