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Quality on the cheap? Is it possible??


What are some ways of getting good quality online audio recorded without necessarily buying either a whole lot of high end recording equipment or spending lots of money in a recording studio on recording sessions?  YouTube obviously and perhaps Microsoft Windows Movie Maker that's on probably standard on any Windows operating system can have a bunch of pictures laid out to cover a time line in the program and then an audio file can be attached if you're not wanting to go high tech or have no means or ideas of how to go more complex.  But I'm talking about getting the actual audio itself done in a quality manner.  Suggestions or ideas on what to download and/or buy in terms of computer components to get something reasonably well put together without a bunch of background noise or low sound quality??

As usual there is always some tradeof....
Higher quality usally means bigger filesize. Or codecs not everyone has installed.
Quality audio usually means higher samplerates. And higher sample frequencys.
At a certain point the sound gets back but way before that the dynamics get lost.
But all those things can be changed after the recording. Just make sure the recoding uses setting maxed out.
You also mentioned background noise.
Try to find a as quiet place as possible. Surely some mikes can cancel background noise.
But they are more expensive. And nothing beats a silent room. Also try to place the mike at a quite large distance from your PC because fans also cause background noise.
Crap mike = crap sound.

I can help you with conversions between various formats.
If it is not a recording for private use ofcourse. But my guess is that the aim is to put it on Gary's new site?
You also have to keep in mind high quality very often is a waste of money because many people listen to it on their PC with  :2c: speakers

You need:
a] Quiet recording enviorment
b] Good/decent mike
c] Good/decent audiocard where you plug the mike in.

Software is of very little importance for you. Most likely. Unless you want to start cutting and mixing.

BTW how much are you wanting to spend?
I don't much about the hardware part besides some general stuff but a collegue of mine is doing some amateur band recording/singing/guitarplaying/mixing etc
I could ask him to suggest stuff in your price range.
Voice only I assume?

Spoke with my collegue.

Mike range 18 Khz and above is best.
Mike range 16 Khz starts to sound "dull".
Mike range 12 Khz is very average.

You have to speak about 10 inches away from the mike. -> 15 inches quadrupples backgroundnoise. Surely those things can be (partly) fixed by more $ and software but a good starting point only has advantages cost, quality and timewise.
Now the weird part... It's a WW post so....
Between you and the mike should be what he calls a anti-plop-screen. -> Makes the P less prominent.
A little home made of some iron write with a nylon stocking over it.
Drink no milk before the recording :-)


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