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Purpose of Hellbusters Hallow


Gary Amirault:
I have found that many people who have embraced the Victorious Gospel do not share this wonderful news. Part of the reason is they don't know how. I want people to come together here and brainstorm about ways we can individually and corporately spread the message of Universal Salvation through Jesus Christ.

We have recently published a new book entitled "Whatever Became of Melanie?" by Allan E. Chevrier. We need to get it publicized in as many places around the internet and other places as possible. This is something everyone here can do.


I'm presently adding content to the Melanie site. We will be offering substantial discounts for this book, especially in quantity purchases. We need people to go around the internet and make some noise about this book. Offer your suggestions on how to do that. Join friends here on projects to get the publicity out. Visit Amazon.com and other book and merchandise sites that are carrying the book and write reviews. Buy the book and hand out copies. Visit blogs and discussion boards and leave a comment about the book, especially on large sites like New York Times, TV sites, etc. Look for blogs or places to leave comments that will want people to take a look at the book. The more places the title, author and publisher appears the more the search engines will favor the book and key words around the book.

We can provide images, descriptions of the book, quotes, even entire chapters to be posted. Visit other UR sites and let them know about "Whatever Became of Melanie." Here is a description of the book:

The fear of death is the mother of all phobias (Greek for fear) according to Dr. Irvin D. Yalom, professor of psychiatry Emeritus at Stanford University. He believes all other phobias have their origins in the fear of death. Perhaps the greatest manifestation of that root fear is the fear a mother has for the eternal fate of her children. What happens to them in the after-life, especially if her children have not lived a "good" life according to the moral standards she has been taught society and religion.

Whatever Became of Melanie? Is a story of Alice, a middle-aged, single mother, who loses her oldest child, Melanie, to a tragic death. Alice is a conservative Christian; Melanie, a trouble, rebellious teenager who chose to turn away from the church and the gospel of Jesus Christ. The thought of her beloved daughter being consigned to the flames of everlasting hell has devastated Alice, driving her to the verge of a nervous breakdown. Brenda, a long-lost childhood friend, comes to the funeral and invites Alice to return home with her. She too is a conservative Christian, but with one major difference. Brenda and her husband have discovered Biblical truths and principles that have led them to challenge and eventually reject the doctrine of hell.

Mr. Chevrier presents a thought-provoking and exciting discussion on this pressing and timely issue, and he does so through the unique literary style of a theological novel. The extensive dialogue between the two friends is not the dry disquisitions of professional theologians, but rather, delightfully founded upon the warm, intelligent, and honest experiences of everyday life. In this bold, new genre he appeals to both the serious student and inquisitive novice, challenging both the intellect and emotions with sound, compelling, arguments that are firmly founded upon the Holy Scriptures, reason and the moral intuition of an advancing, empathetic society. Though a novel, the book is not a shallow treatment. Chevrier has been a conservative Christian and avid student for over thirty years of his adult life. As he confessed: "My sole purpose in writing this book is to bless. If it can be used of God to remove the dark veil from the mind of just one of His precious children, then my labor will not have been in vain."

Allan E. Chevrier lives with his family in Sudbury, Ontario, Canada where he has worked as a technical writer and served extensively as a lay minister.

It is available at our resources center now, but we will shortly offer larger discounts for quantity purchases. Anyone who has an idea of how to get this book promoted, please email me at gary at tentmaker.org. We feel we can really make an impact with this book. Peace, Gary Amirault


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