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Gary Amirault:
As I mentioned in another post, we are developing a new site which will focus on UR and the Abolition of Hell. What articles, books, audio, video material did you find most helpful in coming into the Victorious Gospel of Jesus Christ? What arguments cracked your box? What wisdom softened the fallow ground?

For me: Hansons four works.

Gary for me it was hearing how the early Christians preached Universal Salvation, and also the argument that 'hell makes people conform and brings people to God', NO IT DOESNT!  Hearing God loves everyone and that im already saved made me respect and fear God much more than hell ever did.  I had no respect for him when I thought he would send most of his creation into hell...None at all, it just made me think he was manic and made me flee from him.
Also hearing the bible in its original tounge and also finding out what fire and brimstone means in the old Greek was a major breakthrough for me.


 Thanks Gary ,
  you have alot of excellent  writings  and sites 
  I could not choose  just one or two
  I am amazed how  much you have ! some good stuff too
 :HeartThrob:  rose

I have an html version of Winchester's Dialogues available at:




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