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Design is a real art imo. Being a perfect programmer doesn't mean being able to design a good layout.

Organizing and linking all stuff is hard. But it gets even harder if "user friendly to a wider audience".
That means beginners and more experienece people.
Personally I've been thinking about a system similar this:
On the frontpage the user can select 3 levels: beginner, moderate advanced.
The screen is roughly devided in 3 main area's
A list of topics.
Depending on the level certain topics/articles are hidden.
At beginner level on the straight forward stuff is shown.
Certain topic are totally hidden.
Of other topics only the easy parts are shown. See below.

The area where the actual article is/can be read.

A small pane linking to books that are relevant to the subject (level)

The articles should ofcourse be organized by subject

there is an interesting book, from 1761, I think Whitewings found it in the first place.


I recommend to download the pdf version, might be of some value

Whence Eternity by Alexander Thomson is the most scholarly article I think I have read about Greek ain


this might also be of great value

Found both the sites sven listed very cool, excellent, edifying and choc full of unique stuff. Glory

I just want to post a few suggestions for the new site.

Have a full version of E-Sword built in, and Have all Tentmaker; J.P.Eby; Sigler; and anyone you think is good Printed works ready to cut and paste, and of course I think all of Concordant Publishing Concern should have their works cut-able or paste-able.

Just my thoughts.

and have a way to see instant posting with out having to go back and click the forum and click the topic to see what is new.

Lee Damboise II


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