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Couldn't It Just Be Wishful Thinking?

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--- Quote from: Sally Anne on December 10, 2010, 05:53:36 AM ---Then, while wishfully thinking, couldn't you just be trying to make Bible verses and different doctrinal interpretations fit what you hope is true?  I mean, again, who wants to go to hell?
My  :2c: on this post....

Lets be honest....we can believe that ur is true....they can believe that et and/or ed is true....but our belief and et belief is each very dependant on translation and how each position wants  to interpret it.  Ultimately, whatever you believe you are going to interpret it the way you believe it to be true.  In the end God will do as he pleases and then and only then will we find out 100%.
I have seen very convincing arguements both ways of the ur/et debate and for my money.....I have my faith in God....no matter what happens.  I trust God to be the perfect judge....in the end he will...1) Do what he says he is going to do...(which is kind of hard for us to figure out due to the translation issues, not to mention interpretation issues)....2) Whatever he does we can rest assured that he will do with love, mercy and utmost fairness....because God is LOVE

I trust and love our father and know that in the end everything will be more than excellent.....because we are his children and he promises us lots of goodies !!!!!! :rocker

--- End quote ---

At this point in my walk...I'm in line with your thinking.  It's not something that has been revealed to me...yet.  What I do know is I trust God.  I trust his judgments.  And, if I need to learn to walk in that faith and trust...without knowing then so be it.  What I do know is that I have a great hope in Universal Salvation.  I do believe his grace is sufficient.  I do believe he wants to save the whole world.  I do believe Jesus died for the sins of every man.

It is, at the end of the day, wishful thinking.

And, it is so much more than that...

Scripture is clear in teaching us the reconciliation of ALL things. It also speaks of hell and the destruction of the wicked. However, God gave us our intellect, and if we piece together the puzzle, it leads to the ideology of ultimate reconciliation.

We can all "prove" hell based on scripture. We can all "prove" eternal destruction based on scripture. We can all "prove" ultimate reconciliation based on scripture.

What makes the most sense?

Hell doesn't. Love doesn't torment.

Eternal destruction doesn't.  The Creator doesn't make mistakes.

Ultimate reconciliation does. We all don't walk in it, we all don't experience it, but He ultimately brings every component of His creation to Himself.

That makes sense.

Terrific post Sally.  I can tell you that is how I came to believe in UR.  As some here can attest, I waxed and waned back and forth...sometimes convinced...other times not.  I went through all the verses and arguments.  The conclusion I came up with?  That it's really hard to get your head and desires out of "exegesis".  I agree with everything you said.  While I truly believe the UR stance is stronger scripturally, I wasn't convinced by it.  When I gave up trying to figure it out...and just trusted God and his nature something very special happened.  I just knew...and believed.

Lol...didn't realize someone bumped an old post.  What a difference a year and a half make.  :)


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