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The Rapture you missed


Just listened to the audio and wow... that was really good stuff. So many peices of scripture there just dont fit into the whole current day rapture dogma... and Mr. Amirault putting us into the shoes of the Jewish and early Christian people. Really really loved it.... Thanks for the great work!

I guess I missed something :doh: What are you talking about?

Sorry was pretty tired when i finished it, guess that doesnt make to much sense.. in the audio section, http://tentmaker.org/audiocasts/?cat=3
Might have been the wrong place to post this but oh well.

Since I was a semi preterist (like Gary) before I was a UR or had even heard of tentmaker, the stuff wasn't new to me. Of course, to me, it was even harder trying to explain that position than UR, so steeped are others in the traditions of men.
There is a ton of literature out there on this subject. UNfortunately, the people pushing preterism seem more out to make a buck (just MO) than anything. Plus there are probably 20 different kinds and degrees of preterism.
Sometimes I wonder what preachers study at preacher school since they sometimes seem to have unbiblical biblical positions.


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