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The fall and return to Eden....

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This is very long.... about 6 pages in word doc.

I wrote it in response to friend and brother who felt that sin existed in Adam both before the creation of Garden of Eden and and then also within it.

Because the plan for man IMO is the return to the Garden, first by some and then by all I felt this was the correct place to put it. I stopped writing soon after I started it but God made me return to finish it....... I really felt like Jonah

For many it will be to long to read (and I do not blame them) but for some they will be a witness to it. Others may disagree and I would like to hear negative constructive comments just as well as positive. I have always felt that if Genesis is truly understood the rest of the Bible becomes much simpler to grasp.



Part One

The Garden, Adam and Sin

There are several reasons why God's children misunderstand the history and prophecy of the Garden of Eden along with Adam and Eve, the fall and why all of this contributes to them remaining in bondage to sin. If the beginning of God's plan for man is misunderstood then what is yet to come is also missed out on because you cannot understand how and where you are to go if you do not know where you have been. First we need to correctly identify what happened in the beginning as well as when the fall happened so that we may then understand the directions given to us along the path that leads us back to the Garden of Eden otherwise known as heaven on earth

Mankind needs to understand that he is a spirit with a soul and that both of them are set within the limitations of our physical body. The physical body does not have any life without the spirit and if the spirit should leave the body then the body is dead (James 2: 26). The soul is the personification of a spirit and as its "likeness" its decisions are seen through the actions of the body. In scripture the spirit is also a seed and if the seed is evil then so are the soul and the fruit from it. The body becomes nothing at death and returns to the dust that it came from but the soul stands before God to be judged for the things that were done while in the body it resided in while on earth. This applies to all of mankind that has ever lived or died on earth and there are no exclusions given. Those who have been taught that they are excluded from being judged and will be the ones doing the judging at the throne of God in the day of the resurrection have been taught wrong. However that subject is about the ends of man and this writing is about the beginning of man.

The body that was formed for Adam was an "earthen vessel" just as ours is and it was made from the dust of the earth and designed to be compatible with others of a similar design and to contain a spirit and a soul within it. Once Adam became alive through the breath of God in him, Adam and God communed through the spirit and soul in Adam that was from God. Every spirit has a soul (likeness) and in the beginning when God breathed into the form of Adam, Adam got the breath of God that had both the Spirit and Soul of God within it. This is one of the basic laws that always holds true of every seed producing a tree in its own image and when that tree is mature it will produce fruit (knowledge and works) in the same image and likeness of the original seed. This is a law of God that cannot be violated. God said that He has already made man both male and female and in His image because God is both Spirit and Soul and they are one male (spirit) and one female (soul) just as He is. Because He also said that at some point in time we will also come to be in His Likeness those who study scripture know that this time is soon to come. When that too comes to pass man will be able to return to the Garden of God, heaven on earth and live in a state of righteousness with our creator while we are on earth just as Adam did. This is one of the things we ask for in the prayer that Jesus taught us to pray when we say "Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done on earth as in heaven" 

The Garden of Eden is also called and is translated as the Garden of God  (Ezek 28:13, 31:9). The word translated for garden is "gan" Strong's #1588 and that is defined to be a fence. God is righteousness and within Him there is only righteousness and there is no sin but without the fence of God is where sin and unrighteousness can be found. Consequently what we can see in the Garden of Eden is the presence of God's righteousness on earth without the curse on it and a man being in it is a man being in heaven while on earth. exactly what we are told to pray for in the Lords prayer. God and His laws are a burning fire and nothing can survive "in God" that is not compatible with being "In Him". Whether it is a burning bush or the top of a mountain ever since the curse was put on the earth after Adam's sin, contact between the earth and the righteousness of God has resulted in quite a commotion to say the least. On the other hand when man has walked in obedience with God, stepping into the fiery presence of God has been beneficial to him. Just as Moses went into the fire came out of the fire with the Law of God given to him on stone so will Christians get the laws written on their hearts from the presence of the fire of God in Christ within them

God is Spirit and when the Spirit of the fullness of God (or likeness of God) is found in man it is called the Christ Spirit. Christ is a seven fold spirit and they are listed in Isa. 11:2. What new students of scripture must realize is that Christ is not the last name of Jesus but is the fullness of the seven fold Spirit of God in man and that is why Jesus was called to be the Christ.

Isa.11: 2 And the spirit of the LORD shall rest upon him, the spirit of wisdom and understanding, the spirit of counsel and might, the spirit of knowledge and of the fear of the LORD;

When it is said that God took council in Himself and from no other it is from within these seven spirits that God took council with Himself. It is through these seven spirits that the foundations of the earth were laid and all things on earth and in heaven were created through them. When in the beginning of Genesis where it says, " let us make man", it is God speaking and taking council amongst Himself. By studying the seven separate spirits we can see which one God meant when He said that man had become as "one of us" after Adam had sinned. Because Adam had used the spirit of council with himself and Eve rather than with God we can see that the "spirit of council was the "one of us" spoken by God that man had become. At this point man had to be separated from the tree of life lest he eat of it and live forever only seeking council from himself and never from God. This has been the cause of all the problems of man from the beginning until now because instead of man following the commandments of God he has rationalized things with himself as he sees and hears through his soul rather than hearing from the Lord. This has all come about as a direct result of the lack of the Spirit of the Fear of the Lord in man just as it was also missing from Adam. However the fear of the Lord is another separate spirit by itself and it is a part of the seven-fold spirit of God. The Fear of the Lord starts with hating evil and ends with gaining wisdom. (Ps.111: 10, Pr.8: 13,9:10). It is the solution to all the aliments of mankind and until Adam sinned and felt the consequences of it, Adam did not have the knowledge of evil nor did he have the spirit of the fear of the Lord. So we can see that the school of hard knocks started way back in the Garden of Eden but man is suppose to learn by his mistakes and not repeat them. This is all just more proof determined through the scriptures that Adam and the Garden were without sin versus the opinion of some that man and the Garden were created with sin in them.

To move further in understanding God's ultimate purpose for man one has to take into consideration that what is spiritual has a natural counterpart in the physical (natural) dimension. This scriptural fact also has the two required witnesses that establish it as true and suitable for teaching God's Word and they may be found in 1Cor. 15: 44,46. Understanding how this principal is used and how in God's Word it is used in accordance to God's laws is needed to be understood before one can grasp all of the Bible and all of its prophecies. Within the physical dimension it is "first the natural and then the spiritual" but within the spiritual realm it is just the opposite and what is spiritual is first and then becomes what is natural. This is seen before creation in Job 38: 7 when all the morning stars were in the spirit and shouted for joy in Christ when He still had all His original glory. Only after that do we see the son of the morning star or son of God who is Adam in the garden and by the law of the seed he is made of the same spirit he had while in Christ and in spirit before he became a living soul on earth.

What else is being said here in Genesis is that God was both male and female and before mankind became both male and female as separate individuals, an individual man named Adam was made both male and female through his spirit and soul. This was accomplished because the role of the spirit is male and the soul is female. According to the laws of spiritual and natural they too are called "Adam and Eve". The word used for soul in the original languages is always feminine in its gender and although the word for spirit is gender free, the spirit is always the male part of the spirit and soul enabling them to " becoming one" so that a new life may come from an individual who has had the Spirit of Christ AKA Holy Spirit come into their heart. The word spirit is gender free so the greater may be over the lesser and an example would be that of Jesus Christ who is definitely male as God is but Jesus Christ was the Soul of the Spirit of God so He was submissive to the Spirit of God.

Understanding this principle helps us to see that not only did Cain and Abel come forth from Adam and Eve as physical individuals, we also see that they reflect the natures of good and evil that will come from the spirit and soul of future persons who may or may not become believers of Jesus Christ in this age. However in a unbeliever the wicked Cain nature will eventually rule over the good Abel nature because it is the stronger of the two and by the time of the flood God said that man had become wicked in all his ways.

to be continued


Continued from part one

Once God had separated Himself from Adam man no longer had the Spirit of God for his life source. Now man was left with just a simple earthly spirit that Paul calls the "spirit of man that was no different than that of beasts. (Ps.49: 12, Eccl.3: 19, 1st Cor.15: 40,41) Ever since the end of man's time in the Garden of Eden when God clothed Adam and Eve (spirit and soul man and woman) in the skins of animals we have seen the animal natures in mankind and there are no differences in spirit between man and beast until Christ comes into a man and changes things. However I do not see that to be true of the soul because it is man that God comes to visit and save rather than animals. (Ps.8: 4, 144; 3) Throughout the scriptures we see types and shadows of man portrayed by both clean and unclean animals and the ones who are partially clean such as swine and camels reveal much about what happens to whom. However when we come to perfection and holiness the knowledge of the spirit and soul of God is revealed in the expressed image of His spirit only and the Likeness of His Soul is first seen in Jesus Christ just as God said He would make man to be in. God accomplished this first through Christ Jesus but later this was duplicated through Him in us so closely that John could not tell the difference between his fellow servant and Jesus Christ whom he had spent so much time with. (Re.19: 10).

Sin also needs to be understood in order to understand the fall and sin is both a noun and a verb. As a noun it is described as both a principality and a life giving force that exist in spirit form but when it likeness becomes visible it is seen as an action and that is when sin becomes a verb. In simplified words sin is a noun that produces a verb in its own likeness and this verb is defined as a transgression of God's Law. For Adam to have ever existed within the fence of righteousness called the Garden of Eden, Garden of God or heaven on earth he had to be without sin for there is no sin in God. As soon as sin was found in Adam he got the boot from the garden and this is why all of creation awaits for the manifestation of the sons of God. This is when man will fulfill God's commandment and have dominion over the earth in compliance with God rather then how it now is with Satan ruling over the earth through his control over the unclean spirit of man.

The knowledge of spirit and soul along with the understanding of God and His seven fold Spirit allows us to conclude that Adam was without sin when he was created and for as long as he was allowed to remain within the Garden of Eden (before judgment). The Garden of Eden, the fence of righteousness represented heaven and earth together in a relationship between God and man and not just a nice place that Adam got to hang out at for a while. The same principle behind this is also seen when Jesus said that the son of man was in heaven while standing and talking to individuals on earth. (Jn.3: 13)

At the time of the fall Satan first deceived the soul (Eve) but once that happened Adam could see the separation between Eve and God yet he still chose to listen and follow after her rather than seek the mind of God by asking council of Him through the Spirit of God. (This process of committing sin in us is still played out today just as it was then) Once Adam yielded to sin he then became part of the transgression and was now unclean because of the noun of "sin" in him. Because the seed is in the male Adam's sin in noun form has been passed down to all of mankind through his unclean spirit. We are as when David said of himself being conceived in iniquity because of the sin (uncleanness) of the male spirit found in the blood and passed to the female womb of his mother through Jesse. (Ps.51: 5). It is because of sin that the spirit and soul of man is unclean and they fall under the laws of clean and unclean but they may be put to death with Christ on the Cross-so we can live in the flesh through His Holy Spirit given unto us as believers of Jesus Christ.

We can see the presence of this other woman (mind of Christ) the original soul of God first given to Adam when he became a "living soul" when God speaks his curse unto Satan.

Ge.3: 14 And the LORD God said unto the serpent, Because thou hast done this, thou art cursed above all cattle, and above every beast of the field; upon thy belly shalt thou go, and dust shalt thou eat all the days of thy life: 15 And I will put enmity between thee and the woman, and between thy seed and her seed; it shall bruise thy head, and thou shalt bruise his heel.16Unto the woman he said, I will greatly multiply thy sorrow and thy conception; in sorrow thou shalt bring forth children; and thy desire shall be to thy husband, and he shall rule over thee.

The woman spoken of in verse 14 was obviously not Eve (the soul of Adam) because by this time Eve was in complete compliance with Satan rather than being at enmity with Satan. BTW Eve still is the chosen vessel of Satan to introduce sin into a man today just as he did back then. This 'other woman" is the virgin woman with the seed of Christ that is reserved in spirit and in heaven for those who will be married and reconciled unto God through Christ. She is spoken of the bride adorned for the husband in Rev 21: 2 and is the soul of Christ to be joined with the Holy Spirit to produce the perfect man spoken of by Paul but it will only come through great travail and effort. something that Eve, the bondwoman from the flesh never will be able to do no matter how hard she and the old Adam try to.  In Isaiah we see this as the "Lucifer concept" of man trying to become as God. However by following after the Holy Spirit we can access the mind of Christ even though the soul of Christ flesh has not yet been given to us (Phil. 3:9-14). This Soul of Christ is the "other woman" from back in the Garden of Eden and is reserved for us in heaven just where it has always been since Adam got the boot from heaven on earth. (1Pet 1: 3-6) 

Before God created what is called Adam (mankind) it is said that God formed man from the dust of the earth but the Bible also clearly says that before man was placed in the Garden of Eden that there was no man to till the ground outside the Garden of Eden where everything else already existed. This is a good point to be noted by those who think that man and sin existed together before the Garden was created. What was formed from the dust was the body but the body without a spirit that comes from God is without life and there is no form of man before Adam ever substantiated in any of the scriptures. Adam was not alive until God breathed into the nostrils formed from the dust of the earth. We can see that the "live man" called Adam was alive because he was a spirit within a body that was in harmony with God. The scriptures even say that Adam had become a living soul although by the time Paul wrote Romans he acknowledged that he had become a dead soul to God but this was because of the sin in him passed down from Adam to him. Even though the spirit of man passed on from Adam has sin in it some of the memory of God is still preserved in it and this is why Paul spoke of the Greeks who obeyed the law even though the law was not given to them

It is also understandable why Adam complained to God over his sin and even blamed it on Eve after all God set him up for it. Adam was used to hearing from the soul of God as his mind because he was created with it but suddenly when after God caused a deep sleep to come upon Adam he has another voice telling him what to do and this one was the soul (mind) from his flesh (Eve). This was the result of Adam being made subject to vanity so that he and all who followed after him would be made subject to the hope that is Christ. (Ro 8; 20) This is also the reason why all of mankind was determined from before the foundations of the earth to be forgiven of their sins. When we examine the translation of the statement of" being made subject to vanity" we see that there was a change in how Adam became versus how he was when he was first created. To be "made subject to vanity" means to be made differently then how you were first made. Adam being made subject to vanity did not force him to sin by itself however it was when he was setup by God so that he would sin through temptation introduced by the soul from the flesh. At the point of Adam being made subject to vanity his sin was only a matter of when and not if. It happened "not willingly", because Eve who was to later introduce unrighteousness to Adam was taken from Adam's flesh while he was in the deep sleep that God caused to fall upon Adam. Prior to being given this soul from his flesh Adam had only heard from the female part of God (Soul of God) that had the seed of Christ in it. So when Adam woke from his deep sleep he then had another voice speaking within him in the same manner that God did but this new voice is from his flesh instead of the one from God that he was used to. BTW this is why Paul tells us to awake to righteousness because when Adam awoke from his sleep he committed unrighteousness and that many (most Christians) do not have this knowledge of God (1st Cor. 15: 34) but now you do.

Considering all these events and in the order that they happened prior to what is called the "fall of man" makes understanding how Adam sinned so easily. Adam was used to communing with God through the spirit so when Adam (mankind) heard Eve (the soul of man) suggest the forbidden fruit he followed after that voice not yet knowing evil nor having the fear of the Lord. I do suspect that Adam was able to see a separation between God and Eve just as believers hear two voices and are given free will on whom to follow after either the flesh to unrighteousness with sin and death or after the Holy Spirit unto righteousness and life. However when after Adam (spirit) yielded to Eve (soul) and a sin was committed their eyes were opened and for the first time they had fear of the Lord and hid from God when He called to them.. something that had never happened before.

Paul acknowledges that Adam was created without sin because of him being in the similitude of Jesus who was yet to come (Ro.5: 14) and they were both the only individuals in scripture named to be the son of God. Being sinless as Adam was (while unfortunately ignorant) but then with the mind of Christ is the restoration of all things being restored unto us and being back in the Garden of Eden is the vision and hope of righteousness with God while on earth.

So to wrap this up we can see why the "fall" was planned of God and how it was for our ultimate benefit and is just a part of man coming into the likeness of God. In the beginning God rested from His creation work on the 6th day but after the ministry of Jesus was finished on the 4th day of mankind there was rest in heaven again that started with the words of Jesus "it is finished". It will now be our turn to do His work since Him being cut off from His work in the middle of the week. He waits for us to make our enemies our footstool just as He did and is sitting at the right hand of the Father waiting for us to show up. Jesus is expecting us to overcome our soul from the flesh through His Holy Spirit that He is pouring out over all flesh on the earth. (Joel 2: 28) Joel prophesied of those who this would happen to as the manifested sons of God who would return to Eden

Joel 2:.. a great people and a strong; there hath not been ever the like, neither shall be any more after it, even to the years of many generations. 3 A fire devoureth before them; and behind them a flame burneth: the land is as the
garden of Eden before them, and behind them a desolate wilderness; yea, and nothing shall escape them. 4The appearance of them is as the appearance of horses; and as horsemen, so shall they run. 5Like the noise of chariots on the tops of mountains shall they leap, like the noise of a flame of fire that devoureth the stubble, as a strong people set in battle array. 6 Before their face the people shall be much pained: all faces shall gather blackness. 7They shall run like mighty men; they shall climb the wall like men of war; and they shall march every one on his ways, and they shall not break their ranks:



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Hi Guy

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 :cloud9: :thumbsup: WOW.......breakfast with my morning coffee.......what's not to like? That was excellent, Doug, and much to chew on. He told me a few years back that the way back into the garden experience, was the way out. He has been creating circumstances mostly without our awareness (else it wouldn't be a true test) to give us the opportunity to overcome the lust of the eyes, the lust of the flesh, and the pride of life.

 :gangel: Eve saw the fruit and deemed it pleasant, and desired it to make her wise, but our pattern example Daniel said he would eat no pleasant bread......and the pattern Son had the authority to say, "It is written", when the Spirit took Him out into the wilderness for our example, for He had obtained that authority within Himself before He ever kept His moed (divine appointment) with the Father at the Jordan, because He already possessed His "woman".

 :grave: Those of us that were called outside the camp in the wilderness to "die", could have chosen to eat the pleasant bread offered to us by the "king". But instead by the grace and election of God we "chose' to eat of the bread of affliction that began to make us take on the image of sinful flesh, ie. being conformed into the likeness of His death, that if by any means we might know what is the power of His resurrection, Amen? Blessings to all.........

PS. Forgot to add this......the "soul" of the Christ was pierced that the hearts of many be revealed, and is being pierced again. The piercing is the rending of the veil, which is the Christ within. What does the Holy Ghost do, but reveal the hidden motives of the heart? This is what's coming as we allow Him to rend the veil of our hearts, ie. rend your hearts, not your garments (flesh bodies). Have I not said ye were gods, yet ye die like men?


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