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The Divine Presence!


This came from a commentary that i read. Your thoughts please.
Jesus got it. He walked in it. His contemporaries and peers thought of Him as either the coming and contemplated Messiah or the Son of man depicted in Daniel 7:13-14. Neither of those two characterizations carried any thought of divinity. They were human, kingly, material, or maybe a bit super human concepts. Jesus preferred the title that He most often referred to Himself as- Son of man. Can you say Joseph's boy? It is indeed hard for some to grasp that. When we read of the miraculous works that Jesus did, we automatically switch subconscious mindsets and think of Him as fully DIVINE and not HUMAN. But, here's what I see in Jesus and what I'm envisioning for myself and everyone.

 Jesus was totally open and embracing the presence of God, Abba Father, the Spirit of God, Consciousness, and ground of all being. As a result of swimming in this divine presence with the openness of a child, He was able to allow the divine creativity to flow out of Him healing all whom the Father revealed to Him.

Jesus was aware, intensely so, of God working in and through Him! Why aren't we as well? 

The IMMANENCE of God in His life produced an IMMINENCE that proved to be wrong! On many occasions (Mark 9:1 abd Matthew 16:28 as an example) Jesus made apocalyptic statements that were obviously not fulfilled. How I wish I was so filled with the presence of God that I lived as though each day was my last. I cannot imagine such a life or world though I think about how "living in the NOW" more can be more of a reality in my life.

A redeemed Israel did not happen.

But a redeemed YOU, a redeemed ME, and a redeemed US can happen meaning we can individually walk in the fullness of God's presence, if only we'd choose to. I am getting closer and closer to doing that. There is this fear though as to what that would mean. What would be lost? What would have to be given up? But, as we consider the costs (Luke 14:28), why don't we consider the gains of such a lifestyle as well?

The power, passion, and compassion of the story of the Prodigal Son is ample evidence that Jesus truly saw God (Abba Father-Consciousness) in a way that most Christians today do not. God is not out to nail you, slap your hands, or send you to your room without a meal. Go blow your inheritance on drugs, sleep with as many prostitutes as you want, contract AIDS, and then come back home where DAD will hug your stained and soiled soul- tightly!

Unfortunately, we like the brother, are tormented by such love and don't see such an act as FAIR!

God's more than fair, He is unconditional love and the more you live in that DIVINE PRESENCE, the more you'll realize it.

Beautifully put RC!

once we realise that if and when WE draw closer to God and "come to our senses" like the Prodigal son, He will welcome us home!
God said this many times to israel through the prophets, and through the "son of man", Jesus


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