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That's heresy, Brian! :Shoot: :talkangry: :robinhood: :hammerhead:

People in eternal torments are getting what they deserve because God was there for them every time but the last time, and in the end was just as faithful as they were.  They must burn forever because God has no glory without the smoke of their torment ascending forever and ever and ever and ever and ever.  You know, Brian, that heaven has no joys, perfections, and everlasting light and love without the brightness of the flames of an eternal Hell empowering all of it as the sunset adds the romance to an evening sky.  Hell is heaven's sunset.  Didn't you know that??!!  GOD NEEDS HELL BECAUSE IT KEEPS HIM SANE!!  What would become of God if Christ actually saved the whole world?  That's sick to even think such a thing!  If He wins everyone back to God, then His mission to seek and save the lost would be a total failure AS YOU VERY WELL KNOW!

Ignore me, I'm in a very goofy mood. :icon_jokercolor:


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Have seen quite a bit of discussion on this topic. Le Strobe's argument works if you don't think about it too much. The next question would be "Yes, but what we get is not quite an inoculation. It appears to be as pointless as child brutality".

The answer to that is 'God knows what he is doing.' In other words, it may not make sense to YOU but it makes sense to God.

So then it comes down to swallowing an explanation which really isn't more than 'have faith' (or not). And that is why the problem of evil is one of of the top atheist arguments, because it is (probably) one of the top reasons for people losing Faith.

P.s. Hi, everyone. :wink2:
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