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"We will get good out of evil. Our gracious Educator does evolve for us out of corruption, temptation and sin, new purposes, new skill, new triumphs.

Beyond the overruling of intermediate evil into subserviency to a higher good, what has been superinduced as a transition state of things is therefore seen to be necessary only for a time. It will pass away with the functions which it is made to fulfill. It will at last be superseded by the highest good for everyone."

DOOMED TO BE SAVED Frances Power Cobbe

"I think if we were not caught in the meshes of that wretched Augustinian scheme of theology which postulates eternal hell to compel us to accept it, -- I think, I say, if it were not for this theology, all Christendom must have long ago come to see, that, at the very least, God feels towards a sinner as a saint would do, and not as a man less good, or wise, or merciful.

We do not think man's evil can, in the long run of the ages, finally outspeed God's ever-pursuing mercy. He must overtake us sooner or later. We may temporarily choose evil rather than good, and vileness instead of nobleness, and be ungrateful and sinful. But God will get the better of us at last."

 :HeartThrob: THE MESSAGE FOR THE WORLD Gary Siglar

The message for the world today is only one --- that God has reconciled you back to Himself. He didn't just redeem a few. He didn't just forgive a few. He didn't determine that a few would be saved and the rest would be eternally lost. God has a plan that is so perfect and worked out to restore all of mankind back to their source.

If you understand that no matter where you are today God chose you, before the foundation of the world, that you would be holy and without blame before Him in love. If you can believe this simple word you will rejoice.

I know the condition of carnal humanity. I know the condition of some people who love God. I know the carnal condition that most of us are in. The truth is --- and the truth will set you free --- you are holy, unblameable, and irreprovable in His sight. Not in your carnal adamic life, but in Christ. Christ is holy, unblemished, and undefiled. If you can accept that you will be that experientially. If you can't accept that you won't yet experience it but you still will eventually as God brings you into the knowledge of your true identity.
God has never, ever, made one human being that will fail except for a good purpose, because He works all things after the counsel of His own will. Known by God are all His works from beginning unto end.

Gary Sigler

This is a thrilling poem by Matthew Arnold, keeping in mind the following fact.
Universalism was The Prevailing Doctrine Of The Christian Church During Its First Five Hundred Years

As students of the history of Christian doctrine know, among believers in eternal torment, Tertullian was one of the most extreme. That is why I think this poem is so powerful.
It sent a thrill up and down my spine.   :cloud9:

"He saves the sheep, the goats he doth not save!"
So rang Tertullian's sentence, on the side
Of that unpitying Phrygian sect which cried, --
"Him can no fount of fresh forgiveness lave
Who sins, once washed by the baptismal wave!"
So spake the fierce Tertullian. But she sighed,
The infant church, of love she felt the tide
Stream on her from her Lord's yet recent grave,
And then she smiled, and in the Catacombs,
With eye suffused, but heart inspired true,
On those walls subterranean, where she hid
Her head in ignominy, death and tombs,
She her Good Shepherd's hasty image drew,
And on His shoulders, not a lamb, a kid.  :HeartThrob:

Hi Rodger,
I never read King James nor was brought up in a church thast used it. My parents were unsaved and I grew up in a Jewish neighborhood. It frankly is another language to me. I have no idea what the poem above said except I'm guessing it's in favor of UR. Can you tell me please? :dsunny:

By the way, the language thing was a helpful drive for me to investigate deeper when I heard of people that were "King James only" or burn in hell. Poor germans, russians, swedes, spanish, portugese, etc. And tough luck for average american kids like me that never heard King James except on TV when a religious nut case was portrayed. :dunno2:


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