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Purpose of this Board (Read Before Posting)
« on: June 25, 2008, 12:09:44 AM »
The word says Jesus will draw all men unto Him, Is He the Saviour of the whole world or of a select few?

Lets discuss all these issues here.

While we request that people attempt to abide by the purpose of each of the boards, not everyone new to the boards will necessarily know the right place to post something.  (I'm not sure if I'm always 100% right on where to post something!) Not all "tough questions" will be coming from antagonists, so please don't needlessly alienate anyone.  Unless someone is just unusually eloquent, 9 times out of 10 a post isn't going to convey facial expressions, voice tones, playfulness vs. abusiveness/antagonism.  And even the best amongst us can come across in the wrong way with our choice of wording from time to time.  (Especially those of us that tend to be occaisionally blunt.)

Please refrain from taking anything personally in the course of a discussion; refrain from speaking abusively to one another, name calling, etc.  If you're a Christian Universalist and you fiercely disagree with anyone that comes to these boards that believes in eternal punishment, just remember that but for the grace of God, you'd probably believe the same thing!  Our beliefs in the Universal Restoration will stand the Biblical scrutiny of anyone who comes to these boards.  If you don't know how to answer someone to their satisfaction, just back away and realize that someone else here will probably have just the answer; just the "Word in season."