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Truth vs. Dogma
« on: December 18, 2010, 12:11:37 AM »
In the bible, there is a high reverence for truth, especially stating that "The truth will set you free".  And Lies are highly condemned as "Wolves", "Damnable Heresies" ect.
However I have noticed that people confuse truth with Church Dogma.  Each Church believes that they teach the absolute truth.  This also includes religions outside the Christians.  However these Churches all teach the lie of Annihilation or Eternal Torment.  If I recall, before the Apocatastasis was condemned, the Church was in fact very peaceful, and liberating.  There had been little fighting amongst Christians.  However the Hell believing Romans heavily persecuted Christians.  However after the Apokatastasis was condemned, the Damnable heresies of eternal punishment entered into the picture.  After that, Islam began, the Church of the East and West split turning into the Eastern Orthodox and Roman Catholic Churches, and Protestant Churches broke from the Catholic Church.  Protestant Churches started dividing from Eachother creating new Protestant Demoninations.  However as we know, there was much violence, hate, and fighting between these groups, all believing that their overseers had a monopoly on the truth.  So anything contradicting what they said was the new "Damnable Heresy".  What also is quite interesting is that the Eastern Orthodox, Roman Catholic, Muslim, Lutheran, Anglican and Calvinist Churches all put heavy burdens on the people.  These churches were all united in their belief in Eternal Damnation for those who did not conform to their way.  However around the age of enlightenment, and the establishment of reason over Church Traditions, the concept of Hell began to be rejected.  Within the last few centuries, the teaching on hell began to become ignored in most Catholic and Mainstream Protestant Churches, while even some liberal movements occurred in Islam.  Once Hell became ignored, the burdens long ago imposed on the people were being trashed, and many churches became more Christlike than their earlier churches.  Unfortunately several Fundamentalist Movements went on in Islam, Catholicism, and Protestantism, creating more pharisaic systems built on hate and those Fundamentalist movements put burdens  on the peoples back.  Today, they are the only groups who seem to have hate groups, commit acts of violence, impose authoritarian burdens on people, and start conflicts with other churches.  It seems like the Fundamentalist Evangelicals are always splitting and fighting eachother.  Even to an extent, many of the Restorationist Churches like the Jehovahs Witnesses, Mormons, Seventh Day Adventists, Christaphadealians, and other Bible Student groups who teach annihilation dont seem be be quite as bad as the Hellfire ET churches, but there is still some heavy legalism and prejudice against others. 

Bible Truth: Jesus Christ is the savior of all people.
Church Truth: Accept our Dogma or go to hell forever

Bible Freedom: Freedom from Anxiety, a dictator God, hate, burdens, depression ect.
Church Freedom: Freedom from Hellfire or annihilation

Bible Damnable Heresy: Eternal Damnation
Church Heresy: Anything that does not conform to our church

The bible gives warning against the Doctrine of Eternal Punishment, where the Church gives warnings against every doctrine they dont teach will lead to Eternal Punishment.  So it seems more like the Bible emphasizes a single truth, and condemns one single heresy.  Not to say that there are no other truths revered or lies condemned.  But a truth so excellent that it should be highly sought and preached, and a heresy so damnable it should be strongly warned against.  We see in the spirit of Universal Salvation, freedom, love, peace, forgivness, righteousness, and a more Christlike attitude, where we see with the Spirit of Eternal Damnation burdens, fear, violence, hate, conflict, anger, legalism, and a more Pharisaic attitude Jesus so despised. 

A final truth is that truth is something you have to always seek, and there is no certainty that you can always dogmatize everything in the world.