Author Topic: Please say a Prayer for 3 friends who just died in a crash Minutes ago, 3PM.EST  (Read 2558 times)

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 :HeartThrob:3 FRINDS burned to death in an auto crash, I send my Love.
Lee Damboise II :HeartThrob:
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I am just hoping for Prayers from You all... Thanks
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I am so sorry :(


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Very sorry to hear this. A blessing to them and their families.

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 :cloud9: terrible. Father, wrap Your arms around them and their families.
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  so sorry Lee  for your loss 
  God help   :HeartThrob:
Jesus is the reward  !!

Barry DuPont

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So very sorry Lee.
Will pray for all concerned.

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Sure Lee

May HE embrace ALL who are connected . :HeartThrob:
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How awful.   :mshock: I pray for all the families that are involved in this terrible tragedy.  :Pray: :Pray:



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Im so sorry Lee, lots of love to you brother.

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Father be in thier midst,send comfort.

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Saying prayers, Lee...
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I just read this thread. I'm sorry about your friends. My wife lost a cousin in a motorcycle accident just a couple of weeks ago. It's always a shock, and we must remember that the Father ALWAYS has us in His hands!
Life is sooo delicate!---and yet love is so strong!

Many condolences to you,

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I'm so sorry to hear about your loss.  One of my cousins from Illinois was vacationing up here (Minnesota), and when he returned home he learned that just earlier that day three of his friends had died and one was in critical condition from hitting a semi head on.  The bodies were unrecognizable, so the police had originally thought that one of them was him, since he was the driver's best friend.

Prayers for you.