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My realization that the Holocaust Jews may rejoice more then us!


Hello brothers and sisters in Christ.
While reading some of the posts on here about "freewill" and why God did not intervene to save the people who are truly in misery (holocaust, famine in Africa, Sex trade slaves, children subjected into the porn industry etc) I came to understand the true gift of freewill.

For example it was freewill for Hitler to do what he did to the Jewish nation, and it was freewill for the Jewish people to not accept salvation from Christ. (the "unpardonable sin" has a part to play with this, directly with the Jews but that is a another can of worms to open later) We can all agree that they suffered horribly. They lived in darkness during that time, they probably prayed to God, asking him to save them while they were lying down on a flea ridden mattress, the fleas munching all over their bony body whilst being surrounded by corpses decaying for days. What utter darkness! What hopelessness! And to think today after suffering all of that, majority of Christians would take it a notch further to say they are now roasting in hell for eternity.

However I believe in US. I honestly believe that the reason God put them in that horrible misery is so they can appreciate the light so much more. Imagine witnessing and falling as a victim to the utter blackness, the most evil depths the human heart can muster? Then imagine after death and witnessing the most brilliant light, the most perfect love, the most astounding grace. How much more would you appreciate it?! Imagine knowing you will never see blackness again! And knowing that Jesus is so powerful that he will abolish sin and death, he will wipe away all tears! Imagine being a Jew and seeing your enemy Hitler bowing down along side you, both of you pure of heart and worshiping the same God forever? How amazing!

Imagine being Hitler, and seeing God and the son of God for the first time? Oh the guilt and shame he must have felt, but after God purified him, how much more mercy would he have experienced? A love that has no bounds! How much compassion and love would he have felt upon seeing the people he murdered bowing with him? rejoicing in the same God?

Freewill IS a gift! it is incorporated into Gods plans! Just like how Judas was incorporated. How Judas's eyes must have been brimming with tears of joy when he sees Jesus! being free, and realizing he was a part of Gods plans! knowing that he was doing Gods will, knowing that him and his beloved Messiah will never part again. We will all be an awe of God when the time comes, we will see him with a child like nature.

Oh friends I am typing this now with tears in my eyes, for now I realize what it truly means to love your enemies. Now I truly realize the gift God gave us. Now I truly appreciate Christ! How awesome is OUR God!  :dsunny:

They who are forgiven much love much.
They who are forgiven little, love little.

IMO - Of course, this is perception. If you percieve you haven't done much wrong and only need a little forgiveness, then you have a tendency to "Lord it over" those that are "greater" sinners than you.

Paul loved much. Why? He counted himself as the cheifest of sinners and the closer we get to God, the more we will truly see how sinful and depraved we are. :2c:

Without knowing the darkness and pain of sin and vice, I couldn't understand grace and mercy.  If I didn't taste failure of the flesh, I would never take my hands off the wheel.  It's the pain that educates, and upon the canvas of self failure, God's beauty is painted for me and others to see.  It's why I know and understand why Paul rejoiced and boasted about his weaknesses.

exactly Shawn. As Linus from the Peanuts comic strip said, "The growing soul is watered best by tears of adversity"

Suffering is relative to the soul that experiences it. Some one might prefer to experience the torment of imprisonment to the pain of suffering of betrayal by a loved one. As horrific as the Holocaust was, there is a new Holocaust of moral depravity and vilolence sweeping the earth today. Iniquity abounds, love is growing cold, the ties that bind are coming unraveled. Parents kill their children, men and women betray one another routinely. Murder and genocide in the name of religion is normal.

Come quickly Lord Jesus.


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