Author Topic: I guess it comes down to this.  (Read 13900 times)

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Re: I guess it comes down to this.
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after reading the whole things here, I almost cry what happen to claypot, lee100 pushing further and further and cause darkness by forcing people "where the verse that said God grant forgiven after they die" over and over and over
Somehow I don't think lee/cog/tc/... didn't succeed. I even think s/he reached the opposite.

However, lee100, I only sense that you do not want "love" but "justice", That's how I sense it from you, you want prove and cold-hard truth, only the holy spirit can do that
Read the parable of the workman. Some worked a whole day (good Christians whole their life). Some just one hour (converted the last hour of their life of in the after life). But all got the same payment. (eternal life)
I think many ETs are workmen that worked all day.... They just can't except that others get payed just as much as they receive.
I know about that too, It just pain me to see someone fell over and got hurt and only mock and mock while someone is hurting

I have a passion for someone who is hurt because this is so wrong.