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Interactive Bible- Bible.ca website says Universalism is False

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 Same with  Gotquestions.org :declare:

And we are suppossed to be swayed by the traditions of men or worse a consensus of opinion concerning what we know to be true? We don't have to look far to find people that disagree with us. many "christian" groups deny the virgin birth, god in the flesh, miracles, you name it - that isn't our problem. The question is, "What do YOU believe?"... and you do know that you're beliefs will change the better and longer you know God. Take it from an ex-atheist, and ex-eternal tormenter.

Lazarus Short:
God, His Word, and His Laws are ALWAYS consistent.

Go study the laws pertaining to the Jubilee, and then ask yourself if they are consistent with UR, ET or ED.  An ET God would never let you go back to your inheritance, or to go free, or to have your debts canceled, but would let you stay enslaved forever.

What you seem not to grasp TAF, if I read your posts aright, is that you are ALREADY FORGIVEN, your debts/sins are ALREADY PAID.  God not only loves you, He is waiting for you to come home.  He put a candle in the window - can you not see it? 

Your main task in this life, this pilgrimage in the here-and-now, is to simply accept what God has already fully accomplished for you, for me, for everybody.  :gimmefive: 

TAF - I wonder how strong your belief system is. If you change your mind and are swayed by the crowds, you will always be unhappy. If 300 million americans told me I was crazy or stupid for believing the way I do, (and many people have already)why would that change anything? Truth is not voted on by the majority

When I was finally freed of needing other men to validate my faith, it opened a door I couldn't shut.  The flood of understanding, love and peace that came with being relieved of that burden was overwhelming, and life changing.  TAF,  when you are ready...you too will let go.


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