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Re: I'm questioning many things, since UR has came to me.
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i've been in the bible all my life, never questioning the validity of the bible or the necessity of the cross, but rather always felling it my duty to defend the validity of the bible. not so much now. i've believed ur now for about 1 year.
i am all greatfull of jesus' life, he showed me how to live, he lead me to god.

jesus cannot be the only way to the father.
someone can go to the father, without useing jesus or the cross or the bible as the route .
the bible is gods word, not gods words.
their are other books that are also gods word.

i wrote these as statements, but really these are some of the conflicts or questions i have in this new belief.

I am new here so I will be seen replying to older messages so I understand if You may not have the same questions anymore.

To me the issue of universal salvation does not cause Jesus to not be necessary.  Salvation for all is not as simple as a statement saying everyone gets to go to heaven.

The largest obstacle to being content with the idea of UR is free will.  Since we are led to believe in basic Christian theology that everyone must make a choice to be saved it actually takes the power of Jesus and the method of Gods plan and puts into the hands of the individual giving them the power over their destiny.

If we have power apart from Gods plan, then God is not the ultimate power in the universe.   There is little if any evidence in scripure that man has the power to thwart Gods intention, in fact the bible asks the question of  "who can resist Gods intention".  It asks that in the context of no one can possibly have that power.  So when a theology says that we have some ability to choose apart from Gods intention it can easily be proven false, the problem is no one wants to give up the idol of control in their heart.  This too is allowed by God for a reason, it all is.

Either God being more powerful than everyone did indeed create us with the intention of separating himself from most of humanity at some point allowing them to suffer eternally,  or,  we have a God whose Love and plan knows how to cause every knee to bow and every tongue confess and profess Jesus as Lord.

You can work out your ability to choose of your own free will however you like,  God ultimatly did design life to require Jesus for all mankind to be saved.   Why is it so unbelievable that a buddist is a buddist for a purpose but yet at some point and time that buddist will repent and profess Jesus as Lord because God knows how it will come to pass and has the power to cause it to happen?
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