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A God Who Restores!
« on: October 15, 2007, 04:38:25 PM »
This came from a commentary that i read. Your thoughts please.
As someone has said, the simplicity of the Bible is that you have two chapters about a FALL and then the other 99% is about God coming to the rescue and restoring His people. Well, it's not quite that simple as I see it; however, I get the "spirit" of what the person meant. And isn't that what we should be doing with God? I mean since He's already told us that the LAW kills, why don't we embrace the Spirit (of all things) that restores? God didn't create 170 billion people over time (and how many more?) to see 160 billion (my made up number) burn eternally in hell. What a LOSER that sort of god (small g) would be. And the God (capital G) of the universe, the one and only God (of ALL) is an awesome God. In so thinking, I choose the following options from the plate of life.

 1-I choose a God who saves ALL, not some or a small minority!
2-I choose a God who restores people, not punishes them forever with no purpose in mind.
3-I choose a God is reconciling ALL to Him even though it takes an after life process to do that.
4-I choose a God of unlimited love, not limited to just those who do "prescribed things".
5-I choose a God who is just and therefore eternal hell cannot be a possibility.
6-I choose a God who is totally sovereign, and powerful enough to overcome my free will.
7-I choose a God who is known by the name LOVE, not WRATH!
8-I choose a God who is merciful, and not vindictive.
9-I choose a God who even loves His enemies!
10-I choose a God who created me in HIS IMAGE, and He's certainly not going to destroy His images!

Much of the religious community has the hell thing all wrong. And as Neale Donald Walsh is reported as having heard God say to him (in his book Conversations With God), "You have me all wrong". I believe the ten points above have it RIGHT!

Too simple? Need a religious scholar to tell you how wicked you are, how you need to repent, follow a set of instructions, join their club, and memorize the statement, "My church has it all right and anything you say different to what we believe is wrong- flat wrong"

I'm so done with that thinking.
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