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« Reply #25 on: February 17, 2009, 07:31:48 PM »
What you have just described, is to me, the very core of the meaning of the passage "Many are called, but few are chosen".  The chosen few are those willing to step out from the many who are called.  The little book given is one that is sweet to taste, but hard to swallow.  It's walking in uncharted waters pertaining to spiritual things. 

As you've probably seen on other threads of this board, it is also the sentiment in others in the church abroad . . . it's a touchy topic when dealing with who's chosen and who isn't.  The self nature gets very offended at the idea of not being part of an elite groupt.  And also, the same self assumes it "is" chosen when it's not.  The reason we are chosen, is not because we are worthy, but because we are willing.  We are willing to lay self down and step outside of what natural reasoning has attempted to establish as truth.

The disciples were called and chosen both . . and they obviously didn't understand it all either.  But they were willing to let go of tradition and embrace the new wine offered to them.  Where you are, is in the transition between being called . .and entering into the being chosen part of God.

Again . . .this is just my observation of things.

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« Reply #26 on: June 02, 2009, 02:42:23 AM »
willieH: HI Chaplain...  :happygrin:

Noticed you have not been here lately... but if you should return... I have a comment about your words below...

I am new her but have been reading allot of posts about hell and the restoration of God... I hope I can express this clear enough that others will understand what I have come to believe.
So here is my two cents worth...

It is interesting to me that the word "Eternal" and "Everlasting" are too often confused as being interchangeable in many denominations, but the fact is they are not!

The word ETERNAL: has the word meaning of- No beginning and No end.
The only "thing" that is Eternal is God himself.

Everything he created has a beginning... (having a starting point).
Some things He created will go on forever, thus we get the word EVERLASTING; (having a beginning but no end).

Sorry Chaplain... I ain't buyin' this... I agree that GOD is the only ETERNAL entity. However... He is ALL in ALL... which means that we are ALL extensions OF HIM... and have yet to REGAIN the perception of this FACT... For GOD changes not (never "becomes" something He is NOT)... And therefore the state of ALL in ALL, ...just IS...

To employ the term "EVER LASTING" implies that anything which this word describes has "LASTED -- EVER" meaning it IS perpetual, NOT "from NOW --> ON!

GOD "created" time and the realm in which this universe exists... however... though it IS present, it IS, TEMPORAL... (for the WORD says that elements within it shall PASS AWAY - such as DEATH, TEARS, etc)...

Kind of like a pole used in the yard to prop up a young tree...  It serves its purpose until the TREE takes root and is able to stand of itself... The "pole" is discarded, having served or fulfilled its intended purpose, and though we can leave it there, it no longer has a purpose attached TO IT, other than being an useless eyesore, which should be removed.

Something which is "from NOW --> ON" cannot have affixed to it, "EVER -- LASTING"... the words "EVER and LASTING", imply that this has "LASTED -- EVER" (being a continuous and UNGENERATED state, without beginning or end) -- and is incorrectly applied to this thing which in fact HAD a point of GENERATION... which means it has NOT "LASTED EVER" and is as erroneous as implying there is a "weightless weight"...  :dontknow:

The Bible teaches that hell is darkness and isolation, yet it also is
described in some passages of a place of Eternal Fire
; and "not" Everlasting Fire.
In other words: Sins being burnt off by Eternal Fire or God's Fire are very Biblical; and would signify that hell will not last forever.

I disagree with this as well... The Bible does NOT teach of "HELL" at all... this is a teaching which is invented by THEOLOGIANS (the views of MEN which are, within finite and carnal understanding, engulfed in FEAR)...

HELL is a teaching of TORMENT (from punishment) and FEAR... this teaching is ALIEN to the GOSPEL... Look up Euaggelizo and Euaggelion in the Greek... neither of these words within their definition, ...contain ANY fearful or negative elements...  However, in the disguise of FALLACY and DECEPTION, do men clothe their FEARFUL message, falsifying it to the WORLD, as the "gospel" of the Bible...  :sigh:

FEAR is CAST OUT by PERFECT LOVE -- 1 John 4:18 --  GOD is LOVE -- and anyone or anything immersed IN FEAR, is NOT IMMERSED in HIM or HIS LOVE...

Anything that promotes, ...FEAR is NOT part of the GOSPEL message... for the GOSPEL is a message of PEACE -- Rom 10:15 -- Eph 6:15 -- Col 1:20 -- there is NO PEACE where FEAR is present... :mnah:

Sorry for being so disagreeable Chaplain, but this is how I see it...  :dontknow:

...willieH  :cloud9:


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« Reply #27 on: June 02, 2009, 04:01:07 AM »
That's OK I'm not sure I believe this either, but I am glad to see you think about things like I do...

I have this idea, that God will lose nothing he created to sin after Eternal Fire purifies the ones without salvation... It may sound unbiblical (and may be) but it is just a theory and I thought what better place to post this than (Jesus Christ Savior to all men especially those who believe)

Don't get put out of joint theologically, it is only an observation not a doctrine.
I see other texts that hint at this theory in the Bible, (like those who walk upon the earth, that are not of the Holy City in the book of Revelation): Yet not enough concrete evidence exists to ever prove this idea.

Not trying to be a heretic, or go against orthodoxy, just making an observation... And I could be wrong.

Respectfully, CH "D" 

I just now noticed the graphic at the bottom of your page, that looks like something I should have attached to my posts!
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V/R, Chaplain


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