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Daniel 12:2- The Two Fates of Mankind

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  How do the Universalist Christians explain this Verse

Again, TAF, like many of the "eternals" and "everlastings" in the Bible, this is a translation error that infers the translator's bias into Scripture. The word used in the original Hebrew is 'olam', which can mean anything from 'a long time' to 'an indeterminate period'.

This word is used in the story of Jonah. He was in the belly of the fish for 'olam'... which turned out to be three days.

We really don't know what God's judgments entail - it may well be different for each individual - so that's why it's important to wrap your head around God's plan for 'the ages'. Average Bible translations kind of paint this concept with a really broad brush, and I doubt most Christians even have a concept of this.

Understand that God is working toward being 'all in all'. What that means we can only guess at. However, any time you read 'forever' or 'eternal' or 'everlasting' in your Bible, it's important to A) put that in context with the original words being used (usually 'olam' or 'aion') and B) contextualize that against the idea that the Bible EXPLICITLY STATES that Jesus is 'the savior of ALL men, ESPECIALLY of those who believe' (1 Tim 4:10).

So, eventually, all men will have to be saved. It is God's will, and God does not fail at anything he purposes.  It's written all over the Bible.  Read it. Necessarily, any punishment they endure must be restorative and must have an end.

Additionally, you have to digest that 'being saved' is absolutely in no way an act of human free will. The Bible states over and over that it is an act of God's will. Thusly, when called, nobody will be able to resist that.

Think about Paul. He was on the road to Damascus, getting ready to persecute (maybe even beat or kill) some Christians. But when he was exposed directly to the light of Jesus, his own will was completely broken. He spent the rest of his life preaching the Gospel and putting himself in harm's way for the glory of God.

Does it sound to you like Paul was ready to be saved? Of course not! But he was, wholly and completely.

God seems to be using this age to work a little more subtly, choosing his 'overcomers' before the end times when all the remaining holdouts will be brought into the fold.

In this way, I actually believe the conversion of Paul prefigures what might be referred to in Revelation as the 'lake of fire'. For those people who have died physically, but have steadfastly refused to become 'dead to self' and let Christ in - they will need God's will to force the 'second death'. Paul experienced this on the road to Damascus, and it was not pleasant - he went temporarily blind and was probably scared out of his mind! It's important to heed God's call in this life if you are lucky enough to have gotten it!

VG - You are astute and know scripture. Thank you :dsunny:


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