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Changes Of Life
« on: September 10, 2007, 07:31:31 PM »
This came from a commentary that i read. Your thoughts please.
We know the stages of life. A child comes into the world completely dependent upon mom for life- totally. She holds in her heart, breasts, hands, and feet the survival of the new born child. Fast forward about fourteen to sixteen years and we have that same individual that was once a child who is now nearly six feet tall and thinks he or she doesn't need any help from mom or dad who are a bit "old fashioned". Fast forward another ten years and this individual is a mature person, living on their own, maybe married, and mom and dad have gotten a bit smarter in their eyes. You know the drill. This is just basic life as a person ages and matures. But!

While we SEE things differently the older we get, because we increase our knowledge of the world, as a result of our enhanced consciousness, and due to the fact that man has dominion in that he can form "concepts", man makes progress. We create new things every day.

But what about God?


In comparison to all of the above statements, most of hold on to the childhood ideas, stories, and information about God. While everything else around us is seen with news lenses, God is the same old God. After all doesn't the Bible say that God never changes, or something like that. Year after year we keep affirming who God IS, who is who He WAS in the first grade, middle school, college, and all through life. This God is always there- right there in the BOX that you have HIM! He is a HE you know because that's what we learned in kindergarten.

Why do our views on everything change the older we get; however, our view of God stays the same?

Why is that?

There are lots of answers but I'll let you come up with your own. I have loved growing with God (in God) all my life. I learn something new almost every day. Seriously. That's not pride, that's excitement that I believe He wants us to have. Tuesday, as I lay in the swing looking at the brief opening in the tree branches and leaves above me, birds weaving in and out of branches, and feeling the slight breeze blow through the tree grove, I heard this.

I want to THINK through YOU!

Now, I've read and tried to understand what it means to have the "Mind of Christ", but to contemplate what it means that God wants to THINK through me. Holy Batman! Now one of the things I have to do is settle down and LISTEN. I have to get my thoughts out of the way. I have to subordinate my thinking to His thinking. Life is exciting when you share it with the One who created you, in fact, just for that purpose. To do that means you'll have to give up on your childhood God!

Once you realize WHO He is (to you), if you can be honest enough, you'll definitely want to change that view! You know upgrade your version of God from 1.0 to maybe 5.0? It's your call!
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Re: Changes Of Life
« Reply #1 on: September 11, 2007, 10:59:28 AM »
I've also heard it said that in finding God, one has to find oneself as well...or one's "Purpose" in life...the "higher calling"...I see it as the "better man", the one I'm striving to walk in love, peace and righteousness with my Creator and fellow man