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The Unbelieving Child
« on: September 20, 2007, 06:20:21 AM »
The Unbelieving Child.

If YOUR own child - didn't believe that YOU were their birth parent,… would YOU torture them incessantly, for not believing in you?

Now let's say,… that YOU were also invisible…. and this child couldn't see or touch YOU, would YOU still torture them forever, for not believing in YOU?

Let's add,… that their were other siblings in the family saying,
"That YOU are there alright,… and that they believe YOU are their invisible parent"
But the unbelieving child still does not believe,… would YOU still hold to torturing for a long long time, this unbelieving child?

And also this,… some of the siblings claim that there is a book that was written by YOU, and about YOU, but it's really old….thousands of years old.
Yet,… the unbelieving child doesn't believe it.....would YOU become angry and banish this child from YOURSELF eternally, with there absolutely no chance of it to EVER find out about YOU?

Would YOU never....make any concession to show YOURSELF,
to fully explain to him/her how much YOU love this one,
so that the unbelieving child... may have an opportunity to really get to know who YOU are?


If YOU would treat YOUR unbelieving child with such contempt,......then YOU have become very much like the god taught in the orthodox traditional churches...........the 'god' of Eternal Torment, ……what a crock of _____.

Peace, AJ
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Re: The Unbelieving Child
« Reply #1 on: September 20, 2007, 03:42:23 PM »
Good points AJ! I absolutely agree that God would never torment a potenetial child, or a child who once had potential but missed the mark.

Here's another thought on this:.

What about the seed(s) that almost but never were conceived?

You know the "great race" that only one in a million can win.

What about the "unconceived children"? Do we ever wonder, worry, or fret about the children that "could" have been?

What happens to them?

Don't they and the very idea of them vanish/perish? Especially at the birth of another?

Could it be that God is not trying to save the "unconceived", and only concentrates on the "born"?

After all aren't the sperm from a seed the same, so that if one makes it then they all do? Although only one is actually born and the others perish?

To sin is to miss the mark, many go but few find it, however the mark is found, and God's kingdom goes on and on from generation to generation....that's good news!