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Re: Catholicism and Hell... I'm so confused
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Due to piecemeal research, I've come across the following:

In the first six schools of Christian theology, ET was only taught in the one in Rome.
So, ET is basically an RC invention.

However, then I heard that John Paul II said you don't have to believe in the RC church or even Jesus Christ to be saved. You're saved by adhering to the Beatitudes.

Then recently my pastor who was raised a Catholic, reminisced about how priests would tell him everyone will eventually get to heaven (quoted in a sarcastic tone).
Before that I heard him saying in the same tone how he'd hear, you better keep up with your confessions or you might die with an un-confessed mortal sin (which I took as meaning having to maintain salvation)

So, I'm wondering off hand, what's the deal?

Also, when I hear the subject of Purgatory being brought up by fundamental apologists,
they say this is a purely Catholic invention based on a single verse in the apocraful  book of Maccabees

But, wasn't Purgatory actually originally taught in BC Judaism?

I have not had a chance to read the other posts yet....but I think 1 Timothy 4 is a great read in this regard.
Provided you believe the word of God that is.....

You will note in the opening verses that it does warn about those who fall away from the Faith heeding the teachings and doctrines of Demons......

At first one may be left wondering what are the Doctrines of demons.....well by the time you have got to reading verses 9 , 10 and 11 of 1 Timothy 4, you should come to the relisation that anything that teaches that God is not the Saviour of all mankind especially of Demonic Doctrine.

Religiouse programing does run deep in some people though....Christianity has become a Cult in that regard, and is the worst offender by far when it comes too....programing....followers of that Cult, in what to believe.

I would rather believe the word of God....

What about you ?