Author Topic: Are we necessarily born fully carnal minded?  (Read 513 times)

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Are we necessarily born fully carnal minded?
« on: May 07, 2010, 10:20:15 PM »
According to popular Orthodox theology, humans are inherently evil and deserving of hell by no choice of their own.  More liberal theologians dont necessarily believe in Original sin creating moral depravity.  This comes from the belief that when Adam and Eve ate of the forbidden fruit, that they automatically became evil.  But the tree they ate from was good and evil knowledge.  Plus this would be saying that Adams sin was more Powerful than God creating us in his own image.  But even in our world, there are good things and bad things too. 

Many churches have used "Moral depravity" to justify an overly legalistic system and often cruel ethics.  They use the scripture Isaiah 55:8(His ways are not ours).  But Isaiah 55 is referring to Gods powerful mercy, not some strong punishment.  Yes, that seems pretty true considering how humans are not always so merciful. 

Even every religion in the world has had both good and evil along with Governments, economic systems, cultures and social "isms". 

Most world religions knew that they could not save themselves on their own, and spent time performing sacrifices to their creator. 

Many of the world religions had good things too: Yoga, non-violence, charities to help the poor, soup kitchens, rejection of worldly items, ect.

They also had bad things too: Human sacrifice, belief in unending punishment, the Caste system, legalism, ect.

But it seems like the more zealous preachy people seem more carnal than the not so religious people. 

People left behind "Christianity" because of the strong legalism and the belief in everlasting punishment.